Amrit Kirtan
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The Amrit Kirtan section is provided to view shabads in Gurmukhi, Transliteration and English Translation. To listen to Kirtan please visit the Audio section which will provide the shabads in mp3 format.
For viewing these shabads, some of the browsers require installation of fonts "WebAkharThick" and "WebLipiHeavy", for a proper display of the Gurmukhi text. If not already installed & you do wish to install, click here to get instructions for downloading and installing fonts. To improve the appearance of the text, do the following for MS Windows: Click on the monitor screen with the right mouse button. 2. From the menu that becomes available, select "Properties". 3. Now click on the "Effects" tab. 4. Put a check for "Smooth edges of screen fonts". 5. Click on "OK" button to complete your choice.