Sukhmani Sahib (Part A)


gauVI suKmnI mÚ 5 ]

ga-o rhee su khmanee mehlaa 5.

Gauree Sukhmani, Fifth Mehl,

sloku ]



<> siqgur pRswid ]

ik-o Nkaar sa tgur parsaa d.

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Awid gurey nmh ]

aa d gur-ay namah.

I bow to the Primal Guru.

jugwid gurey nmh ]

jugaa d gur-ay namah.

I bow to the Guru of the ages.

siqgurey nmh ]

sa tgur-ay namah.

I bow to the True Guru.

sRI gurdyvey nmh ]1]

saree gur dayv-ay namah. ||1||

I bow to the Great, Divine Guru. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


ismrau ismir ismir suKu pwvau ]

simra-o simar simar su kh paava-o.

Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace.

kil klys qn mwih imtwvau ]

kal kalays tan maahi mitaava-o.

Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body.

ismrau jwsu ibsuMBr eykY ]

simra-o jaas bisum bhar aykai.

Remember in praise the One who pervades the whole Universe.

nwmu jpq Agnq AnykY ]

naam japa t agna t anaykai.

His Name is chanted by countless people, in so many ways.

byd purwn isMimRiq suDwK´r ]

bay d puraan simri t su Dhaa kh-yar.

The Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees, the purest of utterances,

kIny rwm nwm iek AwK´r ]

keenay raam naam ik aa kh-yar.

were created from the One Word of the Name of the Lord.

iknkw eyk ijsu jIA bswvY ]

kinkaa ayk jis jee-a basaavai.

That one, in whose soul the One Lord dwells

qw kI mihmw gnI n AwvY ]

taa kee mahimaa ganee na aavai.

- the praises of his glory cannot be recounted.

kWKI eykY drs quhwro ]

kaa N khee aykai daras tuhaaro.

Those who yearn only for the blessing of Your Darshan

nwnk aun sMig moih auDwro ]1]

naanak un sang mohi u Dhaaro. ||1||

- Nanak: save me along with them! ||1||

suKmnI suK AMimRq pRB nwmu ]

su khmanee su kh amri t para bh naam.

Sukhmani: Peace of Mind, the Nectar of the Name of God.

Bgq jnw kY min ibsRwm ] rhwau ]

bhaga t janaa kai man bisraam. rahaa-o.

The minds of the devotees abide in a joyful peace. ||Pause||

pRB kY ismrin griB n bsY ]

para bh kai simran gara bh na basai.

Remembering God, one does not have to enter into the womb again.

pRB kY ismrin dUKu jmu nsY ]

para bh kai simran doo kh jam nasai.

Remembering God, the pain of death is dispelled.

pRB kY ismrin kwlu prhrY ]

para bh kai simran kaal parharai.

Remembering God, death is eliminated.

pRB kY ismrin dusmnu trY ]

para bh kai simran dusman tarai.

Remembering God, one's enemies are repelled.

pRB ismrq kCu ibGnu n lwgY ]

para bh simra t ka chh bi ghan na laagai.

Remembering God, no obstacles are met.

pRB kY ismrin Anidnu jwgY ]

para bh kai simran an- din jaagai.

Remembering God, one remains awake and aware, night and day.

pRB kY ismrin Bau n ibAwpY ]

para bh kai simran bha-o na bi-aapai.

Remembering God, one is not touched by fear.

pRB kY ismrin duKu n sMqwpY ]

para bh kai simran du kh na san taapai.

Remembering God, one does not suffer sorrow.

pRB kw ismrnu swD kY sMig ]

para bh kaa simran saa Dh kai sang.

The meditative remembrance of God is in the Company of the Holy.

srb inDwn nwnk hir rMig ]2]

sarab ni Dhaan naanak har rang. ||2||

All treasures, O Nanak, are in the Love of the Lord. ||2||

pRB kY ismrin iriD isiD nau iniD ]

para bh kai simran ri Dh si Dh na-o ni Dh.

In the remembrance of God are wealth, miraculous spiritual powers and the nine treasures.

pRB kY ismrin igAwnu iDAwnu qqu buiD ]

para bh kai simran gi-aan Dhi-aan ta t bu Dh.

In the remembrance of God are knowledge, meditation and the essence of wisdom.

pRB kY ismrin jp qp pUjw ]

para bh kai simran jap tap poojaa.

In the remembrance of God are chanting, intense meditation and devotional worship.

pRB kY ismrin ibnsY dUjw ]

para bh kai simran binsai doojaa.

In the remembrance of God, duality is removed.

pRB kY ismrin qIrQ iesnwnI ]

para bh kai simran tirath isnaanee.

In the remembrance of God are purifying baths at sacred shrines of pilgrimage.

pRB kY ismrin drgh mwnI ]

para bh kai simran dargeh maanee.

In the remembrance of God, one attains honor in the Court of the Lord.

pRB kY ismrin hoie su Blw ]

para bh kai simran ho-ay so bhalaa.

In the remembrance of God, one becomes good.

pRB kY ismrin suPl Plw ]

para bh kai simran sufal falaa.

In the remembrance of God, one flowers in fruition.

syismrih ijn Awip ismrwey ]

say simrahi jin aap simraa-ay.

They alone remember Him in meditation, whom He inspires to meditate.

nwnk qw kY lwgau pwey ]3]

naanak taa kai laaga-o paa-ay. ||3||

Nanak grasps the feet of those humble beings. ||3||

pRB kw ismrnu sB qy aUcw ]

para bh kaa simran sa bh tay oochaa.

The remembrance of God is the highest and most exalted of all.

pRB kY ismrin auDry mUcw ]

para bh kai simran u Dhray moochaa.

In the remembrance of God, many are saved.

pRB kY ismrin iqRsnw buJY ]

para bh kai simran tarisnaa bu jhai.

In the remembrance of God, thirst is quenched.

pRB kY ismrin sBu ikCu suJY ]

para bh kai simran sa bh ki chh su jhai.

In the remembrance of God, all things are known.

pRB kY ismrin nwhI jm qRwsw ]

para bh kai simran naahee jam taraasaa.

In the remembrance of God, there is no fear of death.

pRB kY ismrin pUrn Awsw ]

para bh kai simran pooran aasaa.

In the remembrance of God, hopes are fulfilled.

pRB kY ismrin mn kI mlu jwie ]

para bh kai simran man kee mal jaa-ay.

In the remembrance of God, the filth of the mind is removed.

AMimRq nwmu ird mwih smwie ]

amri t naam ri d maahi samaa-ay.

The Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord, is absorbed into the heart.

pRB jI bsih swD kI rsnw ]

para bh jee baseh saa Dh kee rasnaa.

God abides upon the tongues of His Saints.

nwnk jn kw dwsin dsnw ]4]

naanak jan kaa daasan dasnaa. ||4||

Nanak is the servant of the slave of His slaves. ||4||

pRB kau ismrih sy DnvMqy ]

para bh ka-o simrahi say Dhanvan tay.

Those who remember God are wealthy.

pRB kau ismrih sy piqvMqy ]

para bh ka-o simrahi say pa tivan tay.

Those who remember God are honorable.

pRB kau ismrih sy jn prvwn ]

para bh ka-o simrahi say jan parvaan.

Those who remember God are approved.

pRB kau ismrih sy purK pRDwn ]

para bh ka-o simrahi say pura kh par Dhaan.

Those who remember God are the most distinguished persons.

pRB kau ismrih is bymuhqwjy ]

para bh ka-o simrahi se baymuh taajay.

Those who remember God are not lacking.

pRB kau ismrih is srb ky rwjy ]

para bh ka-o simrahi se sarab kay raajay.

Those who remember God are the rulers of all.

pRB kau ismrih sy suKvwsI ]

para bh ka-o simrahi say su khvaasee.

Those who remember God dwell in peace.

pRB kau ismrih sdw AibnwsI ]

para bh ka-o simrahi sa daa a bhinaasee.

Those who remember God are immortal and eternal.

ismrn qy lwgy ijn Awip dieAwlw ]

simran tay laagay jin aap da-i-aalaa.

They alone hold to the remembrance of Him, unto whom He Himself shows His Mercy.

nwnk jn kI mMgY rvwlw ]5]

naanak jan kee mangai ravaalaa. ||5||

Nanak begs for the dust of their feet. ||5||

pRB kau ismrih sy praupkwrI ]

para bh ka-o simrahi say par-upkaaree.

Those who remember God generously help others.

pRB kau ismrih iqn sd bilhwrI ]

para bh ka-o simrahi tin sa d balihaaree.

Those who remember God - to them, I am forever a sacrifice.

pRB kau ismrih sy muK suhwvy ]

para bh ka-o simrahi say mu kh suhaavay.

Those who remember God - their faces are beautiful.

pRB kau ismrih iqn sUiK ibhwvY ]

para bh ka-o simrahi tin soo kh bihaavai.

Those who remember God abide in peace.

pRB kau ismrih iqn Awqmu jIqw ]

para bh ka-o simrahi tin aa tam jee taa.

Those who remember God conquer their souls.

pRB kau ismrih iqn inrml rIqw ]

para bh ka-o simrahi tin nirmal ree taa.

Those who remember God have a pure and spotless lifestyle.

pRB kau ismrih iqn And Gnyry ]

para bh ka-o simrahi tin ana d ghanayray.

Those who remember God experience all sorts of joys.

pRB kau ismrih bsih hir nyry ]

para bh ka-o simrahi baseh har nayray.

Those who remember God abide near the Lord.

sMq ik®pw qy Anidnu jwig ]

san t kirpaa tay an- din jaag.

By the Grace of the Saints, one remains awake and aware, night and day.

nwnk ismrnu pUrY Bwig ]6]

naanak simran poorai bhaag. ||6||

O Nanak, this meditative remembrance comes only by perfect destiny. ||6||

pRB kY ismrin kwrj pUry ]

para bh kai simran kaaraj pooray.

Remembering God, one's works are accomplished.

pRB kY ismrin kbhu n JUry ]

para bh kai simran kabahu na jhooray.

Remembering God, one never grieves.

pRB kY ismrin hir gun bwnI ]

para bh kai simran har gun baanee.

Remembering God, one speaks the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

pRB kY ismrin shij smwnI ]

para bh kai simran sahj samaanee.

Remembering God, one is absorbed into the state of intuitive ease.

pRB kY ismrin inhcl Awsnu ]

para bh kai simran nihchal aasan.

Remembering God, one attains the unchanging position.

pRB kY ismrin kml ibgwsnu ]

para bh kai simran kamal bigaasan.

Remembering God, the heart-lotus blossoms forth.

pRB kY ismrin Anhd Junkwr ]

para bh kai simran anha d jhunkaar.

Remembering God, the unstruck melody vibrates.

suKu pRB ismrn kw AMqu n pwr ]

su kh para bh simran kaa an t na paar.

The peace of the meditative remembrance of God has no end or limitation.

ismrih sy jn ijn kau pRB mieAw ]

simrahi say jan jin ka-o para bh ma-i-aa.

They alone remember Him, upon whom God bestows His Grace.

nwnk iqn jn srnI pieAw ]7]

naanak tin jan sarnee pa-i-aa. ||7||

Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of those humble beings. ||7||

hir ismrnu kir Bgq pRgtwey ]

har simran kar bhaga t pargataa-ay.

Remembering the Lord, His devotees are famous and radiant.

hir ismrin lig byd aupwey ]

har simran lag bay d upaa-ay.

Remembering the Lord, the Vedas were composed.

hir ismrin Bey isD jqI dwqy ]

har simran bha-ay si Dh ja tee daa tay.

Remembering the Lord, we become Siddhas, celibates and givers.

hir ismrin nIc chu kuMt jwqy ]

har simran neech chahu kunt jaa tay.

Remembering the Lord, the lowly become known in all four directions.

hir ismrin DwrI sB Drnw ]

har simran Dhaaree sa bh Dharnaa.

For the remembrance of the Lord, the whole world was established.

ismir ismir hir kwrn krnw ]

simar simar har kaaran karnaa.

Remember, remember in meditation the Lord, the Creator, the Cause of causes.

hir ismrin kIE sgl Akwrw ]

har simran kee-o sagal akaaraa.

For the remembrance of the Lord, He created the whole creation.

hir ismrn mih Awip inrMkwrw ]

har simran meh aap nirankaaraa.

In the remembrance of the Lord, He Himself is Formless.

kir ikrpw ijsu Awip buJwieAw ]

kar kirpaa jis aap bu jhaa-i-aa.

By His Grace, He Himself bestows understanding.

nwnk gurmuiK hir ismrnu iqin pwieAw ]8]1]

naanak gurmu kh har simran tin paa-i-aa. ||8||1||

O Nanak, the Gurmukh attains the remembrance of the Lord. ||8||1||

sloku ]



dIn drd duK BMjnw Git Git nwQ AnwQ ]

deen dara d du kh bhanjnaa ghat ghat naath anaath.

O Destroyer of the pains and the suffering of the poor, O Master of each and every heart, O Masterless One:

srixqum@wrI AwieE nwnk ky pRB swQ ]1]

sara n tum Haaree aa-i-o naanak kay para bh saath. ||1||

I have come seeking Your Sanctuary. O God, please be with Nanak! ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


jh mwq ipqw suq mIq n BweI ]

jah maa t pi taa su t mee t na bhaa-ee.

Where there is no mother, father, children, friends or siblings

mn aUhw nwmu qyrY sMig shweI ]

man oohaa naam tayrai sang sahaa-ee.

- O my mind, there, only the Naam, the Name of the Lord, shall be with you as your help and support.

jh mhw BieAwn dUq jm dlY ]

jah mahaa bha-i-aan doo t jam dalai.

Where the great and terrible Messenger of Death shall try to crush you,

qh kyvl nwmu sMig qyrY clY ]

tah kayval naam sang tayrai chalai.

there, only the Naam shall go along with you.

jh muskl hovY Aiq BwrI ]

jah muskal hovai a t bhaaree.

Where the obstacles are so very heavy,

hir ko nwmu iKn mwih auDwrI ]

har ko naam khin maahi u Dhaaree.

the Name of the Lord shall rescue you in an instant.

Aink punhcrn krq nhI qrY ]

anik punahcharan kara t nahee tarai.

By performing countless religious rituals, you shall not be saved.

hir ko nwmu koit pwp prhrY ]

har ko naam kot paap parharai.

The Name of the Lord washes off millions of sins.

gurmuiK nwmu jphu mn myry ]

gurmu kh naam japahu man mayray.

As Gurmukh, chant the Naam, O my mind.

nwnk pwvhu sUK Gnyry ]1]

naanak paavhu soo kh ghanayray. ||1||

O Nanak, you shall obtain countless joys. ||1||

sgl isRsit ko rwjw duKIAw ]

sagal sarisat ko raajaa du khee-aa.

The rulers of the all the world are unhappy;

hir kw nwmu jpq hoie suKIAw ]

har kaa naam japa t ho-ay su khee-aa.

one who chants the Name of the Lord becomes happy.

lwK krorI bMDu n prY ]

laa kh karoree ban Dh na parai.

Acquiring hundreds of thousands and millions, your desires shall not be contained.

hir kw nwmu jpq insqrY ]

har kaa naam japa t nis tarai.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, you shall find release.

Aink mwieAw rMg iqK n buJwvY ]

anik maa-i-aa rang ti kh na bu jhaavai.

By the countless pleasures of Maya, your thirst shall not be quenched.

hir kw nwmu jpq AwGwvY ]

har kaa naam japa t aa ghaavai.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, you shall be satisfied.

ijh mwrig iehu jwq iekylw ]

jih maarag ih jaa t ikaylaa.

Upon that path where you must go all alone,

qh hir nwmu sMig hoq suhylw ]

tah har naam sang ho t suhaylaa.

there, only the Lord's Name shall go with you to sustain you.

AYsw nwmu mn sdw iDAweIAY ]

aisaa naam man sa daa Dhi-aa-ee-ai.

On such a Name, O my mind, meditate forever.

nwnk gurmuiK prm giq pweIAY ]2]

naanak gurmu kh param ga t paa-ee-ai. ||2||

O Nanak, as Gurmukh, you shall obtain the state of supreme dignity. ||2||

CUtq nhI koit lK bwhI ]

chhoota t nahee kot la kh baahee.

You shall not be saved by hundreds of thousands and millions of helping hands.

nwmu jpq qh pwir prwhI ]

naam japa t tah paar paraahee.

Chanting the Naam, you shall be lifted up and carried across.

Aink ibGn jh Awie sMGwrY ]

anik bi ghan jah aa-ay san ghaarai.

Where countless misfortunes threaten to destroy you,

hir kw nwmu qqkwl auDwrY ]

har kaa naam ta tkaal u Dhaarai.

the Name of the Lord shall rescue you in an instant.

Aink join jnmY mir jwm ]

anik jon janmai mar jaam.

Through countless incarnations, people are born and die.

nwmu jpq pwvY ibsRwm ]

naam japa t paavai bisraam.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, you shall come to rest in peace.

hau mYlw mlu kbhu n DovY ]

ha-o mailaa mal kabahu na Dhovai.

The ego is polluted by a filth which can never be washed off.

hir kw nwmu koit pwp KovY ]

har kaa naam kot paap khovai.

The Name of the Lord erases millions of sins.

AYsw nwmu jphu mn rMig ]

aisaa naam japahu man rang.

Chant such a Name with love, O my mind.

nwnk pweIAY swD kY sMig ]3]

naanak paa-ee-ai saa Dh kai sang. ||3||

O Nanak, it is obtained in the Company of the Holy. ||3||

ijh mwrg ky gny jwih n kosw ]

jih maarag kay ganay jaahi na kosaa.

On that path where the miles cannot be counted,

hir kw nwmu aUhw sMig qosw ]

har kaa naam oohaa sang tosaa.

there, the Name of the Lord shall be your sustenance.

ijh pYfY mhw AMD gubwrw ]

jih paidai mahaa an Dh gubaaraa.

On that journey of total, pitch-black darkness,

hir kw nwmu sMig aujIAwrw ]

har kaa naam sang ujee-aaraa.

the Name of the Lord shall be the Light with you.

jhw pMiQ qyrw ko n is\wnU ]

jahaa panth tayraa ko na si njaanoo.

On that journey where no one knows you,

hir kw nwmu qh nwil pCwnU ]

har kaa naam tah naal pa chhaanoo.

with the Name of the Lord, you shall be recognized.

jh mhw BieAwn qpiq bhu Gwm ]

jah mahaa bha-i-aan tapa t baho ghaam.

Where there is awesome and terrible heat and blazing sunshine,

qh hir ky nwm kI qum aUpir Cwm ]

tah har kay naam kee tum oopar chhaam.

there, the Name of the Lord will give you shade.

jhw iqRKw mn quJu AwkrKY ]

jahaa tari khaa man tu jh aakra khai.

Where thirst, O my mind, torments you to cry out,

qh nwnk hir hir AMimRqu brKY ]4]

tah naanak har har amri t bar khai. ||4||

there, O Nanak, the Ambrosial Name, Har, Har, shall rain down upon you. ||4||

Bgq jnw kI brqin nwmu ]

bhaga t janaa kee bar tan naam.

Unto the devotee, the Naam is an article of daily use.

sMq jnw kY min ibsRwmu ]

san t janaa kai man bisraam.

The minds of the humble Saints are at peace.

hir kw nwmu dws kI Et ]

har kaa naam daas kee ot.

The Name of the Lord is the Support of His servants.

hir kY nwim auDry jn koit ]

har kai naam u Dhray jan kot.

By the Name of the Lord, millions have been saved.

hir jsu krq sMq idnu rwiq ]

har jas kara t san t din raa t.

The Saints chant the Praises of the Lord, day and night.

hir hir AauKDu swD kmwiq ]

har har a-u kha Dh saa Dh kamaa t.

Har, Har - the Lord's Name - the Holy use it as their healing medicine.

hir jn kY hir nwmu inDwnu ]

har jan kai har naam ni Dhaan.

The Lord's Name is the treasure of the Lord's servant.

pwrbRhim jn kIno dwn ]

paarbarahm jan keeno daan.

The Supreme Lord God has blessed His humble servant with this gift.

mn qn rMig rqy rMg eykY ]

man tan rang ra tay rang aykai.

Mind and body are imbued with ecstasy in the Love of the One Lord.

nwnk jn kY ibriq ibbykY ]5]

naanak jan kai bira t bibaykai. ||5||

O Nanak, careful and discerning understanding is the way of the Lord's humble servant. ||5||

hir kw nwmu jn kau mukiq jugiq ]

har kaa naam jan ka-o muka t juga t.

The Name of the Lord is the path of liberation for His humble servants.

hir kY nwim jn kau iqRpiq Bugiq ]

har kai naam jan ka-o taripa t bhuga t.

With the food of the Name of the Lord, His servants are satisfied.

hir kw nwmu jn kw rUp rMgu ]

har kaa naam jan kaa roop rang.

The Name of the Lord is the beauty and delight of His servants.

hir nwmu jpq kb prY n BMgu ]

har naam japa t kab parai na bhang.

Chanting the Lord's Name, one is never blocked by obstacles.

hir kw nwmu jn kI vifAweI ]

har kaa naam jan kee vadi-aa-ee.

The Name of the Lord is the glorious greatness of His servants.

hir kY nwim jn soBwpweI ]

har kai naam jan so bhaa paa-ee.

Through the Name of the Lord, His servants obtain honor.

hir kw nwmu jn kau Bog jog ]

har kaa naam jan ka-o bhog jog.

The Name of the Lord is the enjoyment and Yoga of His servants.

hir nwmu jpq kCu nwih ibEgu ]

har naam japa t ka chh naahi bi-og.

Chanting the Lord's Name, there is no separation from Him.

jnu rwqw hir nwm kI syvw ]

jan raa taa har naam kee sayvaa.

His servants are imbued with the service of the Lord's Name.

nwnk pUjY hir hir dyvw ]6]

naanak poojai har har dayvaa. ||6||

O Nanak, worship the Lord, the Lord Divine, Har, Har. ||6||

hir hir jn kY mwlu KjInw ]

har har jan kai maal khajeenaa.

The Lord's Name, Har, Har, is the treasure of wealth of His servants.

hir Dnu jn kau Awip pRiB dInw ]

har Dhan jan ka-o aap para bh deenaa.

The treasure of the Lord has been bestowed on His servants by God Himself.

hir hir jn kY Et sqwxI ]

har har jan kai ot sa taa nee.

The Lord, Har, Har is the All-powerful Protection of His servants.

hir pRqwip jn Avr n jwxI ]

har par taap jan avar na jaa nee.

His servants know no other than the Lord's Magnificence.

Eiq poiq jn hir ris rwqy ]

o t po t jan har ras raa tay.

Through and through, His servants are imbued with the Lord's Love.

suMn smwiD nwm rs mwqy ]

sunn samaa Dh naam ras maa tay.

In deepest Samaadhi, they are intoxicated with the essence of the Naam.

AwT phr jnu hir hir jpY ]

aa th pahar jan har har japai.

Twenty-four hours a day, His servants chant Har, Har.

hir kw Bgqu pRgt nhI CpY ]

har kaa bhaga t pargat nahee chhapai.

The devotees of the Lord are known and respected; they do not hide in secrecy.

hir kI Bgiq mukiq bhu kry ]

har kee bhaga t muka t baho karay.

Through devotion to the Lord, many have been liberated.

nwnk jn sMig kyqy qry ]7]

naanak jan sang kay tay taray. ||7||

O Nanak, along with His servants, many others are saved. ||7||

pwrjwqu iehu hir ko nwm ]

paarjaa t ih har ko naam.

This Elysian Tree of miraculous powers is the Name of the Lord.

kwmDyn hir hir gux gwm ]

kaam Dhayn har har gu n gaam.

The Khaamadhayn, the cow of miraculous powers, is the singing of the Glory of the Lord's Name, Har, Har.

sB qy aUqm hir kI kQw ]

sa bh tay oo tam har kee kathaa.

Highest of all is the Lord's Speech.

nwmu sunq drd duK lQw ]

naam suna t dara d du kh lathaa.

Hearing the Naam, pain and sorrow are removed.

nwm kI mihmw sMq ird vsY ]

naam kee mahimaa san t ri d vasai.

The Glory of the Naam abides in the hearts of His Saints.

sMq pRqwip durqu sBu nsY ]

san t par taap dura t sa bh nasai.

By the Saint's kind intervention, all guilt is dispelled.

sMq kw sMgu vfBwgI pweIAY ]

san t kaa sang vad bhaagee paa-ee-ai.

The Society of the Saints is obtained by great good fortune.

sMq kI syvw nwmu iDAweIAY ]

san t kee sayvaa naam Dhi-aa-ee-ai.

Serving the Saint, one meditates on the Naam.

nwm quil kCu Avru n hoie ]

naam tul ka chh avar na ho-ay.

There is nothing equal to the Naam.

nwnk gurmuiK nwmu pwvY jnu koie ]8]2]

naanak gurmu kh naam paavai jan ko-ay. ||8||2||

O Nanak, rare are those, who, as Gurmukh, obtain the Naam. ||8||2||

sloku ]



bhu swsqR bhu isimRqI pyKy srb FFoil ]

baho saas tar baho simri tee pay khay sarab dha dhol.

The many Shaastras and the many Simritees - I have seen and searched through them all.

pUjis nwhI hir hry nwnk nwm Amol ]1]

poojas naahee har haray naanak naam amol. ||1||

They are not equal to Har, Haray - O Nanak, the Lord's Invaluable Name. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


jwp qwp igAwn siB iDAwn ]

jaap taap gi-aan sa bh Dhi-aan.

Chanting, intense meditation, spiritual wisdom and all meditations;

Kt swsqR isimRiq viKAwn ]

khat saas tar simri t va khi-aan.

the six schools of philosophy and sermons on the scriptures;

jog AiBAws krm DRm ikirAw ]

jog a bhi-aas karam Dharam kiri-aa.

the practice of Yoga and righteous conduct;

sgl iqAwig bn mDy iPirAw ]

sagal ti-aag ban ma Dhay firi-aa.

the renunciation of everything and wandering around in the wilderness;

Aink pRkwr kIey bhu jqnw ]

anik parkaar kee-ay baho ja tnaa.

the performance of all sorts of works;

puMn dwn homy bhu rqnw ]

punn daan homay baho ra tnaa.

donations to charities and offerings of jewels to fire;

srIru ktwie homY kir rwqI ]

sareer kataa-ay homai kar raa tee.

cutting the body apart and making the pieces into ceremonial fire offerings;

vrq nym krY bhu BwqI ]

vara t naym karai baho bhaa tee.

keeping fasts and making vows of all sorts

nhI quil rwm nwm bIcwr ]

nahee tul raam naam beechaar.

- none of these are equal to the contemplation of the Name of the Lord,

nwnk gurmuiK nwmu jpIAY iek bwr ]1]

naanak gurmu kh naam japee-ai ik baar. ||1||

O Nanak, if, as Gurmukh, one chants the Naam, even once. ||1||

nau KMf ipRQmI iPrY icru jIvY ]

na-o khand parithmee firai chir jeevai.

You may roam over the nine continents of the world and live a very long life;

mhw audwsu qpIsru QIvY ]

mahaa u daas tapeesar theevai.

you may become a great ascetic and a master of disciplined meditation

Agin mwih homq prwn ]

agan maahi homa t paraan.

and burn yourself in fire;

kink AsÍ hYvr BUim dwn ]

kanik asav haivar bhoom daan.

you may give away gold, horses, elephants and land;

inaulI krm krY bhu Awsn ]

ni-ulee karam karai baho aasan.

you may practice techniques of inner cleansing and all sorts of Yogic postures;

jYn mwrg sMjm Aiq swDn ]

jain maarag sanjam a t saa Dhan.

you may adopt the self-mortifying ways of the Jains and great spiritual disciplines;

inmK inmK kir srIru ktwvY ]

nima kh nima kh kar sareer kataavai.

piece by piece, you may cut your body apart;

qau BI haumY mYlu n jwvY ]

ta-o bhee ha-umai mail na jaavai.

but even so, the filth of your ego shall not depart.

hir ky nwm smsir kCu nwih ]

har kay naam samsar ka chh naahi.

There is nothing equal to the Name of the Lord.

nwnk gurmuiK nwmu jpq giq pwih ]2]

naanak gurmu kh naam japa t ga t paahi. ||2||

O Nanak, as Gurmukh, chant the Naam, and obtain salvation. ||2||

mn kwmnw qIrQ dyh CutY ]

man kaamnaa tirath dayh chhutai.

With your mind filled with desire, you may give up your body at a sacred shrine of pilgrimage;

grbu gumwnu n mn qy hutY ]

garab gumaan na man tay hutai.

but even so, egotistical pride shall not be removed from your mind.

soc krY idnsu Aru rwiq ]

soch karai dinas ar raa t.

You may practice cleansing day and night,

mn kI mYlu n qn qy jwiq ]

man kee mail na tan tay jaa t.

but the filth of your mind shall not leave your body.

iesu dyhI kau bhu swDnw krY ]

is dayhee ka-o baho saa Dhnaa karai.

You may subject your body to all sorts of disciplines,

mn qy kbhU n ibiKAw trY ]

man tay kabhoo na bi khi-aa tarai.

but your mind will never be rid of its corruption.

jil DovY bhu dyh AnIiq ]

jal Dhovai baho dayh anee t.

You may wash this transitory body with loads of water,

suD khw hoie kwcI BIiq ]

su Dh kahaa ho-ay kaachee bhee t.

but how can a wall of mud be washed clean?

mn hir ky nwm kI mihmw aUc ]

man har kay naam kee mahimaa ooch.

O my mind, the Glorious Praise of the Name of the Lord is the highest;

nwnk nwim auDry piqq bhu mUc ]3]

naanak naam u Dhray pa ti t baho mooch. ||3||

O Nanak, the Naam has saved so many of the worst sinners. ||3||

bhuqu isAwxp jm kwBau ibAwpY ]

bahu t si-aa nap jam kaa bha-o bi-aapai.

Even with great cleverness, the fear of death clings to you.

Aink jqn kir iqRsn nw DRwpY ]

anik ja tan kar tarisan naa Dharaapai.

You try all sorts of things, but your thirst is still not satisfied.

ByK Anyk Agin nhI buJY ]

bhay kh anayk agan nahee bu jhai.

Wearing various religious robes, the fire is not extinguished.

koit aupwv drgh nhI isJY ]

kot upaav dargeh nahee si jhai.

Even making millions of efforts, you shall not be accepted in the Court of the Lord.

CUtis nwhI aUB pieAwil ]

chhootas naahee oo bh pa-i-aal.

You cannot escape to the heavens, or to the nether regions,

moih ibAwpih mwieAw jwil ]

mohi bi-aapahi maa-i-aa jaal.

if you are entangled in emotional attachment and the net of Maya.

Avr krqUiq sglI jmu fwnY ]

avar kar too t saglee jam daanai.

All other efforts are punished by the Messenger of Death,

goivMd Bjn ibnu iqlu nhI mwnY ]

govin d bhajan bin til nahee maanai.

which accepts nothing at all, except meditation on the Lord of the Universe.

hir kw nwmu jpq duKu jwie ]

har kaa naam japa t du kh jaa-ay.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, sorrow is dispelled.

nwnk bolY shij suBwie ]4]

naanak bolai sahj su bhaa-ay. ||4||

O Nanak, chant it with intuitive ease. ||4||

cwir pdwrQ jy ko mwgY ]

chaar pa daarath jay ko maagai.

One who prays for the four cardinal blessings

swD jnw kI syvw lwgY ]

saa Dh janaa kee sayvaa laagai.

should commit himself to the service of the Saints.

jy ko Awpunw dUKu imtwvY ]

jay ko aapunaa doo kh mitaavai.

If you wish to erase your sorrows,

hir hir nwmu irdY sd gwvY ]

har har naam ri dai sa d gaavai.

sing the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, within your heart.

jy ko ApunI soBw lorY ]

jay ko apunee so bhaa lorai.

If you long for honor for yourself,

swDsMig ieh haumY CorY ]

saa Dhsang ih ha-umai chhorai.

then renounce your ego in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

jy ko jnm mrx qy frY ]

jay ko janam mara n tay darai.

If you fear the cycle of birth and death,

swD jnw kI srnI prY ]

saa Dh janaa kee sarnee parai.

then seek the Sanctuary of the Holy.

ijsu jn kau pRB drs ipAwsw ]

jis jan ka-o para bh daras pi-aasaa.

Those who thirst for the Blessed Vision of God's Darshan

nwnk qw kY bil bil jwsw ]5]

naanak taa kai bal bal jaasaa. ||5||

- Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to them. ||5||

sgl purK mih purKu pRDwnu ]

sagal pura kh meh pura kh par Dhaan.

Among all persons, the supreme person is the one

swDsMig jw kw imtY AiBmwnu ]

saa Dhsang jaa kaa mitai a bhimaan.

who gives up his egotistical pride in the Company of the Holy.

Awps kau jo jwxY nIcw ]

aapas ka-o jo jaa nai neechaa.

One who sees himself as lowly,

soaU gnIAY sB qy aUcw ]

so-oo ganee-ai sa bh tay oochaa.

shall be accounted as the highest of all.

jw kw mnu hoie sgl kI rInw ]

jaa kaa man ho-ay sagal kee reenaa.

One whose mind is the dust of all,

hir hir nwmu iqin Git Git cInw ]

har har naam tin ghat ghat cheenaa.

recognizes the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in each and every heart.

mn Apuny qy burw imtwnw ]

man apunay tay buraa mitaanaa.

One who eradicates cruelty from within his own mind,

pyKY sgl isRsit swjnw ]

pay khai sagal sarisat saajnaa.

looks upon all the world as his friend.

sUK dUK jn sm idRstyqw ]

soo kh doo kh jan sam daristay taa.

One who looks upon pleasure and pain as one and the same,

nwnk pwp puMn nhI lypw ]6]

naanak paap punn nahee laypaa. ||6||

O Nanak, is not affected by sin or virtue. ||6||

inrDn kau Dnu qyro nwau ]

nir Dhan ka-o Dhan tayro naa-o.

To the poor, Your Name is wealth.

inQwvy kau nwau qyrw Qwau ]

nithaavay ka-o naa-o tayraa thaa-o.

To the homeless, Your Name is home.

inmwny kau pRB qyro mwnu ]

nimaanay ka-o para bh tayro maan.

To the dishonored, You, O God, are honor.

sgl Gtw kau dyvhu dwnu ]

sagal ghataa ka-o dayvhu daan.

To all, You are the Giver of gifts.

krn krwvnhwr suAwmI ]

karan karaavanhaar su-aamee.

O Creator Lord, Cause of causes, O Lord and Master,

sgl Gtw ky AMqrjwmI ]

sagal ghataa kay an tarjaamee.

Inner-knower, Searcher of all hearts:

ApnI giq imiq jwnhu Awpy ]

apnee ga t mi t jaanhu aapay.

You alone know Your own condition and state.

Awpn sMig Awip pRB rwqy ]

aapan sang aap para bh raa tay.

You Yourself, God, are imbued with Yourself.

qum@rI ausqiq qum qy hoie ]

tum Hree us ta t tum tay ho-ay.

You alone can celebrate Your Praises.

nwnk Avru n jwnis koie ]7]

naanak avar na jaanas ko-ay. ||7||

O Nanak, no one else knows. ||7||

srb Drm mih sRyst Drmu ]

sarab Dharam meh saraysat Dharam.

Of all religions, the best religion

hir ko nwmu jip inrml krmu ]

har ko naam jap nirmal karam.

is to chant the Name of the Lord and maintain pure conduct.

sgl ik®Aw mih aUqm ikirAw ]

sagal kir-aa meh oo tam kiri-aa.

Of all religious rituals, the most sublime ritual

swDsMig durmiq mlu ihirAw ]

saa Dhsang durma t mal hiri-aa.

is to erase the filth of the dirty mind in the Company of the Holy.

sgl audm mih audmu Blw ]

sagal u dam meh u dam bhalaa.

Of all efforts, the best effort

hir kw nwmu jphu jIA sdw ]

har kaa naam japahu jee-a sa daa.

is to chant the Name of the Lord in the heart, forever.

sgl bwnI mih AMimRq bwnI ]

sagal baanee meh amri t baanee.

Of all speech, the most ambrosial speech

hir ko jsu suin rsn bKwnI ]

har ko jas sun rasan ba khaanee.

is to hear the Lord's Praise and chant it with the tongue.

sgl Qwn qy Ehu aUqm Qwnu ]

sagal thaan tay oh oo tam thaan.

Of all places, the most sublime place,

nwnk ijh Git vsY hir nwmu ]8]3]

naanak jih ghat vasai har naam. ||8||3||

O Nanak, is that heart in which the Name of the Lord abides. ||8||3||

sloku ]



inrgunIAwr ieAwinAw so pRBu sdw smwil ]

nirgunee-aar i-aani-aa so para bh sa daa samaal.

You worthless, ignorant fool - dwell upon God forever.

ijin kIAw iqsu cIiq rKu nwnk inbhI nwil ]1]

jin kee-aa tis chee t ra kh naanak nibhee naal. ||1||

Cherish in your consciousness the One who created you; O Nanak, He alone shall go along with you. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


rmeIAw ky gun cyiq prwnI ]

rama-ee-aa kay gun chay t paraanee.

Think of the Glory of the All-pervading Lord, O mortal;

kvn mUl qy kvn idRstwnI ]

kavan mool tay kavan daristaanee.

what is your origin, and what is your appearance?

ijin qUM swij svwir sIgwirAw ]

jin too N saaj savaar seegaari-aa.

He who fashioned, adorned and decorated you

grB Agin mih ijnih aubwirAw ]

gara bh agan meh jineh ubaari-aa.

- in the fire of the womb, He preserved you.

bwr ibvsQw quJih ipAwrY dUD ]

baar bivasthaa tu jheh pi-aarai doo Dh.

In your infancy, He gave you milk to drink.

Bir jobn Bojn suK sUD ]

bhar joban bhojan su kh soo Dh.

In the flower of your youth, He gave you food, pleasure and understanding.

ibriD BieAw aUpir swk sYn ] muiK AipAwau bYT kau dYn ]

bira Dh bha-i-aa oopar saak sain. mu kh api-aa-o bai th ka-o dain.

As you grow old, family and friends are there to feed you as you rest.

iehu inrgunu gunu kCU n bUJY ]

ih nirgun gun ka chhoo na boo jhai.

This worthless person has not appreciated in the least, all the good deeds done for him.

bKis lyhu qau nwnk sIJY ]1]

ba khas layho ta-o naanak see jhai. ||1||

If you bless him with forgiveness, O Nanak, only then will he be saved. ||1||

ijh pRswid Dr aUpir suiK bsih ]

jih parsaa d Dhar oopar su kh baseh.

By His Grace, you abide in comfort upon the earth.

suq BRwq mIq binqw sMig hsih ]

su t bharaa t mee t bani taa sang haseh.

With your children, siblings, friends and spouse, you laugh.

ijh pRswid pIvih sIql jlw ]

jih parsaa d peeveh see tal jalaa.

By His Grace, you drink in cool water.

suKdweI pvnu pwvku Amulw ]

su kh- daa-ee pavan paavak amulaa.

You have peaceful breezes and priceless fire.

ijh pRswid Bogih siB rsw ]

jih parsaa d bhogeh sa bh rasaa.

By His Grace, you enjoy all sorts of pleasures.

sgl smgRI sMig swiQ bsw ]

sagal samagree sang saath basaa.

You are provided with all the necessities of life.

dIny hsq pwv krn nyqR rsnw ]

deenay hasa t paav karan nay tar rasnaa.

He gave you hands, feet, ears, eyes and tongue,

iqsih iqAwig Avr sMig rcnw ]

tiseh ti-aag avar sang rachnaa.

and yet, you forsake Him and attach yourself to others.

AYsy doK mUV AMD ibAwpy ]

aisay do kh moo rh an Dh bi-aapay.

Such sinful mistakes cling to the blind fools;

nwnk kwiF lyhu pRB Awpy ]2]

naanak kaa dh layho para bh aapay. ||2||

Nanak: uplift and save them, God! ||2||

Awid AMiq jo rwKnhwru ]

aa d an t jo raa khanhaar.

From beginning to end, He is our Protector,

iqs isau pRIiq n krY gvwru ]

tis si-o paree t na karai gavaar.

and yet, the ignorant do not give their love to Him.

jw kI syvw nv iniD pwvY ]

jaa kee sayvaa nav ni Dh paavai.

Serving Him, the nine treasures are obtained,

qw isau mUVw mnu nhI lwvY ]

taa si-o moo rhaa man nahee laavai.

and yet, the foolish do not link their minds with Him.

jo Twkuru sd sdw hjUry ]

jo thaakur sa d sa daa hajooray.

Our Lord and Master is Ever-present, forever and ever,

qw kau AMDw jwnq dUry ]

taa ka-o an Dhaa jaana t dooray.

and yet, the spiritually blind believe that He is far away.

jw kI thl pwvY drgh mwnu ]

jaa kee tahal paavai dargeh maan.

In His service, one obtains honor in the Court of the Lord,

iqsih ibswrY mugDu Ajwnu ]

tiseh bisaarai muga Dh ajaan.

and yet, the ignorant fool forgets Him.

sdw sdw iehu BUlnhwru ]

sa daa sa daa ih bhoolanhaar.

Forever and ever, this person makes mistakes;

nwnk rwKnhwru Apwru ]3]

naanak raa khanhaar apaar. ||3||

O Nanak, the Infinite Lord is our Saving Grace. ||3||

rqnu iqAwig kaufI sMig rcY ]

ra tan ti-aag ka-udee sang rachai.

Forsaking the jewel, they are engrossed with a shell.

swcu Coif JUT sMig mcY ]

saach chhod jhoo th sang machai.

They renounce Truth and embrace falsehood.

jo Cfnw su AsiQru kir mwnY ]

jo chhadnaa so asthir kar maanai.

That which passes away, they believe to be permanent.

jo hovnu so dUir prwnY ]

jo hovan so door paraanai.

That which is immanent, they believe to be far off.

Coif jwie iqs kw sRmu krY ]

chhod jaa-ay tis kaa saram karai.

They struggle for what they must eventually leave.

sMig shweI iqsu prhrY ]

sang sahaa-ee tis parharai.

They turn away from the Lord, their Help and Support, who is always with them.

cMdn lypu auqwrY Doie ]

chan dan layp u taarai Dho-ay.

They wash off the sandalwood paste;

grDb pRIiq Bsm sMig hoie ]

gar Dhab paree t bhasam sang ho-ay.

like donkeys, they are in love with the mud.

AMD kUp mih piqq ibkrwl ]

an Dh koop meh pa ti t bikraal.

They have fallen into the deep, dark pit.

nwnk kwiF lyhu pRB dieAwl ]4]

naanak kaa dh layho para bh da-i-aal. ||4||

Nanak: lift them up and save them, O Merciful Lord God! ||4||

krqUiq psU kI mwns jwiq ]

kar too t pasoo kee maanas jaa t.

They belong to the human species, but they act like animals.

lok pcwrw krY idnu rwiq ]

lok pachaaraa karai din raa t.

They curse others day and night.

bwhir ByK AMqir mlu mwieAw ]

baahar bhay kh an tar mal maa-i-aa.

Outwardly, they wear religious robes, but within is the filth of Maya.

Cpis nwih kCu krY CpwieAw ]

chhapas naahi ka chh karai chhapaa-i-aa.

They cannot conceal this, no matter how hard they try.

bwhir igAwn iDAwn iesnwn ]

baahar gi-aan Dhi-aan isnaan.

Outwardly, they display knowledge, meditation and purification,

AMqir ibAwpY loBu suAwnu ]

an tar bi-aapai lo bh su-aan.

but within clings the dog of greed.

AMqir Agin bwhir qnu suAwh ]

an tar agan baahar tan su-aah.

The fire of desire rages within; outwardly they apply ashes to their bodies.

gil pwQr kYsy qrY AQwh ]

gal paathar kaisay tarai athaah.

There is a stone around their neck - how can they cross the unfathomable ocean?

jw kY AMqir bsY pRBu Awip ]

jaa kai an tar basai para bh aap.

Those, within whom God Himself abides

nwnk qy jn shij smwiq ]5]

naanak tay jan sahj samaa t. ||5||

- O Nanak, those humble beings are intuitively absorbed in the Lord. ||5||

suin AMDw kYsy mwrgu pwvY ]

sun an Dhaa kaisay maarag paavai.

By listening, how can the blind find the path?

kru gih lyhu EiV inbhwvY ]

kar geh layho o rh nibhaavai.

Take hold of his hand, and then he can reach his destination.

khw buJwriq bUJY forw ]

kahaa bu jhaara t boo jhai doraa.

How can a riddle be understood by the deaf?

inis khIAY qau smJY Borw ]

nis kahee-ai ta-o sam jhai bhoraa.

Say 'night', and he thinks you said 'day'.

khw ibsnpd gwvY guMg ]

kahaa bisanpa d gaavai gung.

How can the mute sing the Songs of the Lord?

jqn krY qau BI sur BMg ]

ja tan karai ta-o bhee sur bhang.

He may try, but his voice will fail him.

kh ipMgul prbq pr Bvn ]

kah pingul parba t par bhavan.

How can the cripple climb up the mountain?

nhI hoq aUhw ausu gvn ]

nahee ho t oohaa us gavan.

He simply cannot go there.

krqwr kruxw mY dInu bynqI krY ]

kar taar karu naa mai deen bayn tee karai.

O Creator, Lord of Mercy - Your humble servant prays;

nwnk qumrI ikrpw qrY ]6]

naanak tumree kirpaa tarai. ||6||

Nanak: by Your Grace, please save me. ||6||

sMig shweI su AwvY n cIiq ]

sang sahaa-ee so aavai na chee t.

The Lord, our Help and Support, is always with us, but the mortal does not remember Him.

jo bYrweI qw isau pRIiq ]

jo bairaa-ee taa si-o paree t.

He shows love to his enemies.

blUAw ky igRh BIqir bsY ]

baloo-aa kay garih bhee tar basai.

He lives in a castle of sand.

And kyl mwieAw rMig rsY ]

ana d kayl maa-i-aa rang rasai.

He enjoys the games of pleasure and the tastes of Maya.

idRVu kir mwnY mnih pRqIiq ]

dari rh kar maanai maneh par tee t.

He believes them to be permanent - this is the belief of his mind.

kwlu n AwvY mUVy cIiq ]

kaal na aavai moo rhay chee t.

Death does not even come to mind for the fool.

bYr ibroD kwm k®oD moh ]

bair biro Dh kaam kro Dh moh.

Hate, conflict, sexual desire, anger, emotional attachment,

JUT ibkwr mhw loBDRoh ]

jhoo th bikaar mahaa lo bh Dharoh.

falsehood, corruption, immense greed and deceit:

ieAwhU jugiq ibhwny keI jnm ]

i-aahoo juga t bihaanay ka-ee janam.

So many lifetimes are wasted in these ways.

nwnk rwiK lyhu Awpn kir krm ]7]

naanak raa kh layho aapan kar karam. ||7||

Nanak: uplift them, and redeem them, O Lord - show Your Mercy! ||7||

qU Twkuru qum pih Ardwis ]

too thaakur tum peh ar daas.

You are our Lord and Master; to You, I offer this prayer.

jIau ipMfu sBu qyrI rwis ]

jee-o pind sa bh tayree raas.

This body and soul are all Your property.

qum mwq ipqw hm bwirk qyry ]

tum maa t pi taa ham baarik tayray.

You are our mother and father; we are Your children.

qumrI ik®pw mih sUK Gnyry ]

tumree kirpaa meh soo kh ghanayray.

In Your Grace, there are so many joys!

koie n jwnY qumrw AMqu ]

ko-ay na jaanai tumraa an t.

No one knows Your limits.

aUcy qy aUcw BgvMq ]

oochay tay oochaa bhagvan t.

O Highest of the High, Most Generous God,

sgl smgRI qumrY sUiqR DwrI ]

sagal samagree tumrai su tir Dhaaree.

the whole creation is strung on Your thread.

qum qy hoie su AwigAwkwrI ]

tum tay ho-ay so aagi-aakaaree.

That which has come from You is under Your Command.

qumrI giq imiq qum hI jwnI ]

tumree ga t mi t tum hee jaanee.

You alone know Your state and extent.

nwnk dws sdw kurbwnI ]8]4]

naanak daas sa daa kurbaanee. ||8||4||

Nanak, Your slave, is forever a sacrifice. ||8||4||

sloku ]



dynhwru pRB Coif kY lwgih Awn suAwie ]

daynhaar para bh chhod kai laageh aan su-aa-ay.

One who renounces God the Giver, and attaches himself to other affairs

nwnk khU n sIJeI ibnu nwvY piq jwie ]1]

naanak kahoo na see jh-ee bin naavai pa t jaa-ay. ||1||

- O Nanak, he shall never succeed. Without the Name, he shall lose his honor. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


ds bsqU ly pwCY pwvY ]

das bas too lay paa chhai paavai.

He obtains ten things, and puts them behind him;

eyk bsqu kwrin ibKoit gvwvY ]

ayk basa t kaaran bi khot gavaavai.

for the sake of one thing withheld, he forfeits his faith.

eyk BI n dyie ds BI ihir lyie ]

ayk bhee na day-ay das bhee hir lay-ay.

But what if that one thing were not given, and the ten were taken away?

qau mUVw khu khw kryie ]

ta-o moo rhaa kaho kahaa karay-i.

Then, what could the fool say or do?

ijsu Twkur isau nwhI cwrw ]

jis thaakur si-o naahee chaaraa.

Our Lord and Master cannot be moved by force.

qw kau kIjY sd nmskwrw ]

taa ka-o keejai sa d namaskaaraa.

Unto Him, bow forever in adoration.

jw kY min lwgw pRBu mITw ]

jaa kai man laagaa para bh mee thaa.

That one, unto whose mind God seems sweet

srb sUK qwhU min vUTw ]

sarab soo kh taahoo man voo thaa.

- all pleasures come to abide in his mind.

ijsu jn Apnw hukmu mnwieAw ]

jis jan apnaa hukam manaa-i-aa.

One who abides by the Lord's Will,

srb Qok nwnk iqin pwieAw ]1]

sarab thok naanak tin paa-i-aa. ||1||

O Nanak, obtains all things. ||1||

Agnq swhu ApnI dy rwis ]

agna t saahu apnee day raas.

God the Banker gives endless capital to the mortal,

Kwq pIq brqY And aulwis ]

khaa t pee t bar tai ana d ulaas.

who eats, drinks and expends it with pleasure and joy.

ApunI Amwn kCu bhuir swhu lyie ]

apunee amaan ka chh bahur saahu lay-ay.

If some of this capital is later taken back by the Banker,

AigAwnI min rosu kryie ]

agi-aanee man ros karay-i.

the ignorant person shows his anger.

ApnI prqIiq Awp hI KovY ]

apnee par tee t aap hee khovai.

He himself destroys his own credibility,

bhuir aus kw ibsÍwsu n hovY ]

bahur us kaa bisvaas na hovai.

and he shall not again be trusted.

ijs kI bsqu iqsu AwgY rwKY ]

jis kee basa t tis aagai raa khai.

When one offers to the Lord, that which belongs to the Lord,

pRB kI AwigAw mwnY mwQY ]

para bh kee aagi-aa maanai maathai.

and willingly abides by the Will of God's Order,

aus qy caugun krY inhwlu ]

us tay cha-ugun karai nihaal.

the Lord will make him happy four times over.

nwnk swihbu sdw dieAwlu ]2]

naanak saahib sa daa da-i-aal. ||2||

O Nanak, our Lord and Master is merciful forever. ||2||

Aink Bwiq mwieAw ky hyq ] srpr hovq jwnu Anyq ]

anik bhaa t maa-i-aa kay hay t. sarpar hova t jaan anay t.

The many forms of attachment to Maya shall surely pass away - know that they are transitory.

ibrK kI CwieAw isau rMgu lwvY ]

bira kh kee chhaa-i-aa si-o rang laavai.

People fall in love with the shade of the tree,

Eh ibnsY auhu min pCuqwvY ]

oh binsai uho man pa chhu taavai.

and when it passes away, they feel regret in their minds.

jo dIsY so cwlnhwru ]

jo deesai so chaalanhaar.

Whatever is seen, shall pass away;

lpit rihE qh AMD AMDwru ]

lapat rahi-o tah an Dh an Dhaar.

and yet, the blindest of the blind cling to it.

btwaU isau jo lwvY nyh ]

bataa-oo si-o jo laavai nayh.

One who gives her love to a passing traveler

qw kau hwiQ n AwvY kyh ]

taa ka-o haath na aavai kayh.

- nothing shall come into her hands in this way.

mn hir ky nwm kI pRIiq suKdweI ]

man har kay naam kee paree t su kh- daa-ee.

O mind, the love of the Name of the Lord bestows peace.

kir ikrpw nwnk Awip ley lweI ]3]

kar kirpaa naanak aap la-ay laa-ee. ||3||

O Nanak, the Lord, in His Mercy, unites us with Himself. ||3||

imiQAw qnu Dnu kutMbu sbwieAw ]

mithi-aa tan Dhan kutamb sabaa-i-aa.

False are body, wealth, and all relations.

imiQAw haumY mmqw mwieAw ]

mithi-aa ha-umai mam taa maa-i-aa.

False are ego, possessiveness and Maya.

imiQAw rwj jobn Dn mwl ]

mithi-aa raaj joban Dhan maal.

False are power, youth, wealth and property.

imiQAw kwm k®oD ibkrwl ]

mithi-aa kaam kro Dh bikraal.

False are sexual desire and wild anger.

imiQAw rQ hsqI AsÍ bsqRw ]

mithi-aa rath has tee asav bas taraa.

False are chariots, elephants, horses and expensive clothes.

imiQAw rMg sMig mwieAw pyiK hsqw ]

mithi-aa rang sang maa-i-aa pay kh has taa.

False is the love of gathering wealth, and reveling in the sight of it.

imiQAw DRoh moh AiBmwnu ]

mithi-aa Dharoh moh a bhimaan.

False are deception, emotional attachment and egotistical pride.

imiQAw Awps aUpir krq gumwnu ]

mithi-aa aapas oopar kara t gumaan.

False are pride and self-conceit.

AsiQru Bgiq swD kI srn ]

asthir bhaga t saa Dh kee saran.

Only devotional worship is permanent, and the Sanctuary of the Holy.

nwnk jip jip jIvY hir ky crn ]4]

naanak jap jap jeevai har kay charan. ||4||

Nanak lives by meditating, meditating on the Lotus Feet of the Lord. ||4||

imiQAw sRvn pr inMdw sunih ]

mithi-aa sarvan par nin daa suneh.

False are the ears which listen to the slander of others.

imiQAw hsq pr drb kauihrih ]

mithi-aa hasa t par darab ka-o hireh.

False are the hands which steal the wealth of others.

imiQAw nyqR pyKq pr iqRA rUpwd ]

mithi-aa nay tar pay kha t par tari-a roopaa d.

False are the eyes which gaze upon the beauty of another's wife.

imiQAw rsnw Bojn An sÍwd ]

mithi-aa rasnaa bhojan an savaa d.

False is the tongue which enjoys delicacies and external tastes.

imiQAw crn pr ibkwr kau Dwvih ]

mithi-aa charan par bikaar ka-o Dhaaveh.

False are the feet which run to do evil to others.

imiQAw mn pr loB luBwvih ]

mithi-aa man par lo bh lu bhaaveh.

False is the mind which covets the wealth of others.

imiQAw qn nhI praupkwrw ]

mithi-aa tan nahee par-upkaaraa.

False is the body which does not do good to others.

imiQAw bwsu lyq ibkwrw ]

mithi-aa baas lay t bikaaraa.

False is the nose which inhales corruption.

ibnu bUJy imiQAw sB Bey ]

bin boo jhay mithi-aa sa bh bha-ay.

Without understanding, everything is false.

sPl dyh nwnk hir hir nwm ley ]5]

safal dayh naanak har har naam la-ay. ||5||

Fruitful is the body, O Nanak, which takes to the Lord's Name. ||5||

ibrQI swkq kI Awrjw ]

birthee saaka t kee aarjaa.

The life of the faithless cynic is totally useless.

swc ibnw kh hovq sUcw ]

saach binaa kah hova t soochaa.

Without the Truth, how can anyone be pure?

ibrQw nwm ibnw qnu AMD ]

birthaa naam binaa tan an Dh.

Useless is the body of the spiritually blind, without the Name of the Lord.

muiK Awvq qw kY durgMD ]

mu kh aava t taa kai durgan Dh.

From his mouth, a foul smell issues forth.

ibnu ismrn idnu rYin ibRQw ibhwie ]

bin simran din rain baritha bihaa-ay.

Without the remembrance of the Lord, day and night pass in vain,

myG ibnw ijau KyqI jwie ]

may gh binaa ji-o khay tee jaa-ay.

like the crop which withers without rain.

goibd Bjn ibnu ibRQy sB kwm ]

gobi d bhajan bin barithay sa bh kaam.

Without meditation on the Lord of the Universe, all works are in vain,

ijau ikrpn ky inrwrQ dwm ]

ji-o kirpan kay niraarath daam.

like the wealth of a miser, which lies useless.

DMin DMin qy jn ijh Git bisE hir nwau ]

Dhan Dhan tay jan jih ghat basi-o har naa-o.

Blessed, blessed are those, whose hearts are filled with the Name of the Lord.

nwnk qw kY bil bil jwau ]6]

naanak taa kai bal bal jaa-o. ||6||

Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to them. ||6||

rhq Avr kCu Avr kmwvq ]

raha t avar ka chh avar kamaava t.

He says one thing, and does something else.

min nhI pRIiq muKhu gMF lwvq ]

man nahee paree t mu khahu gan dh laava t.

There is no love in his heart, and yet with his mouth he talks tall.

jwnnhwr pRBU prbIn ]

jaananhaar para bhoo parbeen.

The Omniscient Lord God is the Knower of all.

bwhir ByK n kwhU BIn ]

baahar bhay kh na kaahoo bheen.

He is not impressed by outward display.

Avr aupdysY Awip n krY ]

avar up daysai aap na karai.

One who does not practice what he preaches to others,

Awvq jwvq jnmY mrY ]

aava t jaava t janmai marai.

shall come and go in reincarnation, through birth and death.

ijs kY AMqir bsY inrMkwru ]

jis kai an tar basai nirankaar.

One whose inner being is filled with the Formless Lord

iqs kI sIK qrY sMswru ]

tis kee see kh tarai sansaar.

- by his teachings, the world is saved.

jo qum Bwny iqn pRBu jwqw ]

jo tum bhaanay tin para bh jaa taa.

Those who are pleasing to You, God, know You.

nwnk aun jn crn prwqw ]7]

naanak un jan charan paraa taa. ||7||

Nanak falls at their feet. ||7||

krau bynqI pwrbRhmu sBu jwnY ]

kara-o bayn tee paarbarahm sa bh jaanai.

Offer your prayers to the Supreme Lord God, who knows everything.

Apnw kIAw Awpih mwnY ]

apnaa kee-aa aapeh maanai.

He Himself values His own creatures.

Awpih Awp Awip krq inbyrw ]

aapeh aap aap kara t nibayraa.

He Himself, by Himself, makes the decisions.

iksY dUir jnwvq iksY buJwvq nyrw ]

kisai door janaava t kisai bu jhaava t nayraa.

To some, He appears far away, while others perceive Him near at hand.

aupwv isAwnp sgl qy rhq ]

upaav si-aanap sagal tay raha t.

He is beyond all efforts and clever tricks.

sBu kCu jwnY Awqm kI rhq ]

sa bh ka chh jaanai aa tam kee raha t.

He knows all the ways and means of the soul.

ijsu BwvY iqsu ley liV lwie ]

jis bhaavai tis la-ay la rh laa-ay.

Those with whom He is pleased are attached to the hem of His robe.

Qwn Qnµqir rihAw smwie ]

thaan thanan tar rahi-aa samaa-ay.

He is pervading all places and interspaces.

so syvku ijsu ikrpw krI ]

so sayvak jis kirpaa karee.

Those upon whom He bestows His favor, become His servants.

inmK inmK jip nwnk hrI ]8]5]

nima kh nima kh jap naanak haree. ||8||5||

Each and every moment, O Nanak, meditate on the Lord. ||8||5||

sloku ]



kwm k®oD Aru loB moh ibnis jwie AhMmyv ]

kaam kro Dh ar lo bh moh binas jaa-ay aha Nmayv.

Sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment - may these be gone, and egotism as well.

nwnk pRB srxwgqI kir pRswdu gurdyv ]1]

naanak para bh sar naaga tee kar parsaa d gur dayv. ||1||

Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God; please bless me with Your Grace, O Divine Guru. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


ijh pRswid CqIh AMimRq Kwih ]

jih parsaa d chha teeh amri t khaahi.

By His Grace, you partake of the thirty-six delicacies;

iqsu Twkur kau rKu mn mwih ]

tis thaakur ka-o ra kh man maahi.

enshrine that Lord and Master within your mind.

ijh pRswid sugMDq qin lwvih ]

jih parsaa d sugan Dha t tan laaveh.

By His Grace, you apply scented oils to your body;

iqs kau ismrq prm giq pwvih ]

tis ka-o simra t param ga t paavahi.

remembering Him, the supreme status is obtained.

ijh pRswid bsih suK mMdir ]

jih parsaa d baseh su kh man dar.

By His Grace, you dwell in the palace of peace;

iqsih iDAwie sdw mn AMdir ]

tiseh Dhi-aa-ay sa daa man an dar.

meditate forever on Him within your mind.

ijh pRswid igRh sMig suK bsnw ]

jih parsaa d garih sang su kh basnaa.

By His Grace, you abide with your family in peace;

AwT phr ismrhu iqsu rsnw ]

aa th pahar simrahu tis rasnaa.

keep His remembrance upon your tongue, twenty-four hours a day.

ijh pRswid rMg rs Bog ]

jih parsaa d rang ras bhog.

By His Grace, you enjoy tastes and pleasures;

nwnk sdw iDAweIAY iDAwvn jog ]1]

naanak sa daa Dhi-aa-ee-ai Dhi-aavan jog. ||1||

O Nanak, meditate forever on the One, who is worthy of meditation. ||1||

ijh pRswid pwt ptMbr hFwvih ]

jih parsaa d paat patambar ha dhaaveh.

By His Grace, you wear silks and satins;

iqsih iqAwig kq Avr luBwvih ]

tiseh ti-aag ka t avar lu bhaaveh.

why abandon Him, to attach yourself to another?

ijh pRswid suiK syj soeIjY ]

jih parsaa d su kh sayj so-eejai.

By His Grace, you sleep in a cozy bed;

mn AwT phr qw kw jsu gwvIjY ]

man aa th pahar taa kaa jas gaaveejai.

O my mind, sing His Praises, twenty-four hours a day.

ijhpRswid quJu sBu koaU mwnY ]

jih parsaa d tu jh sa bh ko-oo maanai.

By His Grace, you are honored by everyone;

muiK qw ko jsu rsn bKwnY ]

mu kh taa ko jas rasan ba khaanai.

with your mouth and with your tongue, chant His Praises.

ijh pRswid qyro rhqw Drmu ]

jih parsaa d tayro rah taa Dharam.

By His Grace, you remain in the Dharma;

mn sdw iDAwie kyvl pwrbRhmu ]

man sa daa Dhi-aa-ay kayval paarbarahm.

O mind, meditate continually on the Supreme Lord God.

pRB jI jpq drgh mwnu pwvih ]

para bh jee japa t dargeh maan paavahi.

Meditating on God, you shall be honored in His Court;

nwnk piq syqI Gir jwvih ]2]

naanak pa t say tee ghar jaaveh. ||2||

O Nanak, you shall return to your true home with honor. ||2||

ijh pRswid Awrog kMcn dyhI ]

jih parsaa d aarog kanchan dayhee.

By His Grace, you have a healthy, golden body;

ilv lwvhu iqsu rwm snyhI ]

liv laavhu tis raam sanayhee.

attune yourself to that Loving Lord.

ijh pRswid qyrw Elw rhq ]

jih parsaa d tayraa olaa raha t.

By His Grace, your honor is preserved;

mn suKu pwvih hir hir jsu khq ]

man su kh paavahi har har jas kaha t.

O mind, chant the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, and find peace.

ijh pRswid qyry sgl iCdR Fwky ]

jih parsaa d tayray sagal chhi dar dhaakay.

By His Grace, all your deficits are covered;

mn srnI pru Twkur pRB qw kY ]

man sarnee par thaakur para bh taa kai.

O mind, seek the Sanctuary of God, our Lord and Master.

ijh pRswid quJu ko n phUcY ]

jih parsaa d tu jh ko na pahoochai.

By His Grace, no one can rival you;

mn swis swis ismrhu pRB aUcy ]

man saas saas simrahu para bh oochay.

O mind, with each and every breath, remember God on High.

ijh pRswid pweI dRülB dyh ]

jih parsaa d paa-ee darula bh dayh.

By His Grace, you obtained this precious human body;

nwnk qw kI Bgiq kryh ]3]

naanak taa kee bhaga t karayh. ||3||

O Nanak, worship Him with devotion. ||3||

ijh pRswid AwBUKn pihrIjY ]

jih parsaa d aa bhoo khan pehreejai.

By His Grace, you wear decorations;

mn iqsu ismrq ikau Awlsu kIjY ]

man tis simra t ki-o aalas keejai.

O mind, why are you so lazy? Why don't you remember Him in meditation?

ijh pRswid AsÍ hsiq AsvwrI ]

jih parsaa d asav hasa t asvaaree.

By His Grace, you have horses and elephants to ride;

mn iqsu pRB kau kbhU n ibswrI ]

man tis para bh ka-o kabhoo na bisaaree.

O mind, never forget that God.

ijh pRswid bwg imlK Dnw ]

jih parsaa d baag mila kh Dhanaa.

By His Grace, you have land, gardens and wealth;

rwKu proie pRBu Apuny mnw ]

raa kh paro-ay para bh apunay manaa.

keep God enshrined in your heart.

ijin qyrI mn bnq bnweI ]

jin tayree man bana t banaa-ee.

O mind, the One who formed your form

aUTq bYTq sd iqsih iDAweI ]

oo tha t bai tha t sa d tiseh Dhi-aa-ee.

- standing up and sitting down, meditate always on Him.

iqsih iDAwie jo eyk AlKY ]

tiseh Dhi-aa-ay jo ayk al khai.

Meditate on Him - the One Invisible Lord;

eIhw aUhw nwnk qyrI rKY ]4]

eehaa oohaa naanak tayree ra khai. ||4||

here and hereafter, O Nanak, He shall save you. ||4||

ijh pRswid krih puMn bhu dwn ]

jih parsaa d karahi punn baho daan.

By His Grace, you give donations in abundance to charities;

mn AwT phr kir iqs kw iDAwn ]

man aa th pahar kar tis kaa Dhi-aan.

O mind, meditate on Him, twenty-four hours a day.

ijh pRswid qU Awcwr ibauhwrI ]

jih parsaa d too aachaar bi-uhaaree.

By His Grace, you perform religious rituals and worldly duties;

iqsu pRB kau swis swis icqwrI ]

tis para bh ka-o saas saas chi taaree.

think of God with each and every breath.

ijh pRswid qyrw suMdr rUpu ]

jih parsaa d tayraa sun dar roop.

By His Grace, your form is so beautiful;

so pRBu ismrhu sdw AnUpu ]

so para bh simrahu sa daa anoop.

constantly remember God, the Incomparably Beautiful One.

ijh pRswid qyrI nIkI jwiq ]

jih parsaa d tayree neekee jaa t.

By His Grace, you have such high social status;

so pRBu ismir sdw idn rwiq ]

so para bh simar sa daa din raa t.

remember God always, day and night.

ijh pRswid qyrI piq rhY ]

jih parsaa d tayree pa t rahai.

By His Grace, your honor is preserved;

gur pRswid nwnk jsu khY ]5]

gur parsaa d naanak jas kahai. ||5||

by Guru's Grace, O Nanak, chant His Praises. ||5||

ijh pRswid sunih krn nwd ]

jih parsaa d suneh karan naa d.

By His Grace, you listen to the sound current of the Naad.

ijh pRswid pyKih ibsmwd ]

jih parsaa d pay kheh bismaa d.

By His Grace, you behold amazing wonders.

ijh pRswid bolih AMimRq rsnw ]

jih parsaa d boleh amri t rasnaa.

By His Grace, you speak ambrosial words with your tongue.

ijh pRswid suiK shjy bsnw ]

jih parsaa d su kh sehjay basnaa.

By His Grace, you abide in peace and ease.

ijh pRswid hsq kr clih ]

jih parsaa d hasa t kar chaleh.

By His Grace, your hands move and work.

ijh pRswid sMpUrn Plih ]

jih parsaa d sampooran faleh.

By His Grace, you are completely fulfilled.

ijh pRswid prm giq pwvih ]

jih parsaa d param ga t paavahi.

By His Grace, you obtain the supreme status.

ijh pRswid suiK shij smwvih ]

jih parsaa d su kh sahj samaaveh.

By His Grace, you are absorbed into celestial peace.

AYsw pRBu iqAwig Avr kq lwghu ]

aisaa para bh ti-aag avar ka t laagahu.

Why forsake God, and attach yourself to another?

gur pRswid nwnk min jwghu ]6]

gur parsaa d naanak man jaagahu. ||6||

By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, awaken your mind! ||6||

ijh pRswid qUM pRgtu sMswir ]

jih parsaa d too N pargat sansaar.

By His Grace, you are famous all over the world;

iqsu pRB kau mUil n mnhu ibswir ]

tis para bh ka-o mool na manhu bisaar.

never forget God from your mind.

ijh pRswid qyrw prqwpu ]

jih parsaa d tayraa par taap.

By His Grace, you have prestige;

ry mn mUV qU qw kau jwpu ]

ray man moo rh too taa ka-o jaap.

O foolish mind, meditate on Him!

ijh pRswid qyry kwrj pUry ]

jih parsaa d tayray kaaraj pooray.

By His Grace, your works are completed;

iqsih jwnu mn sdw hjUry ]

tiseh jaan man sa daa hajooray.

O mind, know Him to be close at hand.

ijh pRswid qUM pwvih swcu ]

jih parsaa d too N paavahi saach.

By His Grace, you find the Truth;

ry mn myry qUM qw isau rwcu ]

ray man mayray too N taa si-o raach.

O my mind, merge yourself into Him.

ijh pRswid sB kI giq hoie ]

jih parsaa d sa bh kee ga t ho-ay.

By His Grace, everyone is saved;

nwnk jwpu jpY jpu soie ]7]

naanak jaap japai jap so-ay. ||7||

O Nanak, meditate, and chant His Chant. ||7||

Awip jpwey jpY so nwau ]

aap japaa-ay japai so naa-o.

Those, whom He inspires to chant, chant His Name.

Awip gwvwey su hir gun gwau ]

aap gaavaa-ai so har gun gaa-o.

Those, whom He inspires to sing, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

pRB ikrpw qy hoie pRgwsu ]

para bh kirpaa tay ho-ay pargaas.

By God's Grace, enlightenment comes.

pRBU dieAw qy kml ibgwsu ]

para bhoo da-i-aa tay kamal bigaas.

By God's Kind Mercy, the heart-lotus blossoms forth.

pRB supRsMn bsY min soie ]

para bh suparsan basai man so-ay.

When God is totally pleased, He comes to dwell in the mind.

pRB dieAw qy miq aUqm hoie ]

para bh da-i-aa tay ma t oo tam ho-ay.

By God's Kind Mercy, the intellect is exalted.

srb inDwn pRB qyrI mieAw ]

sarab ni Dhaan para bh tayree ma-i-aa.

All treasures, O Lord, come by Your Kind Mercy.

Awphu kCU n iknhU lieAw ]

aaphu ka chhoo na kinhoo la-i-aa.

No one obtains anything by himself.

ijqu ijqu lwvhu iqqu lgih hir nwQ ]

ji t ji t laavhu ti t lageh har naath.

As You have delegated, so do we apply ourselves, O Lord and Master.

nwnk ien kY kCU n hwQ ]8]6]

naanak in kai ka chhoo na haath. ||8||6||

O Nanak, nothing is in our hands. ||8||6||

sloku ]



Agm AgwiD pwrbRhmu soie ]

agam agaa Dh paarbarahm so-ay.

Unapproachable and Unfathomable is the Supreme Lord God;

jo jo khY su mukqw hoie ]

jo jo kahai so muk taa ho-ay.

whoever speaks of Him shall be liberated.

suin mIqw nwnku ibnvMqw ] swD jnw kI Acrj kQw ]1]

sun mee taa naanak binvan taa. saa Dh janaa kee achraj kathaa. ||1||

Listen, O friends, Nanak prays, to the wonderful story of the Holy. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


swD kY sMig muK aUjl hoq ]

saa Dh kai sang mu kh oojal ho t.

In the Company of the Holy, one's face becomes radiant.

swDsMig mlu sglI Koq ]

saa Dhsang mal saglee kho t.

In the Company of the Holy, all filth is removed.

swD kY sMig imtY AiBmwnu ]

saa Dh kai sang mitai a bhimaan.

In the Company of the Holy, egotism is eliminated.

swD kY sMig pRgtY suigAwnu ]

saa Dh kai sang pargatai sugi-aan.

In the Company of the Holy, spiritual wisdom is revealed.

swD kY sMig buJY pRBu nyrw ]

saa Dh kai sang bu jhai para bh nayraa.

In the Company of the Holy, God is understood to be near at hand.

swDsMig sBu hoq inbyrw ]

saa Dhsang sa bh ho t nibayraa.

In the Company of the Holy, all conflicts are settled.

swD kY sMig pwey nwm rqnu ]

saa Dh kai sang paa-ay naam ra tan.

In the Company of the Holy, one obtains the jewel of the Naam.

swD kY sMig eyk aUpir jqnu ]

saa Dh kai sang ayk oopar ja tan.

In the Company of the Holy, one's efforts are directed toward the One Lord.

swD kI mihmw brnY kaunu pRwnI ]

saa Dh kee mahimaa barnai ka-un paraanee.

What mortal can speak of the Glorious Praises of the Holy?

nwnk swD kI soBw pRB mwih smwnI ]1]

naanak saa Dh kee so bhaa para bh maahi samaanee. ||1||

O Nanak, the glory of the Holy people merges into God. ||1||

swD kY sMig Agocru imlY ]

saa Dh kai sang agochar milai.

In the Company of the Holy, one meets the Incomprehensible Lord.

swD kY sMig sdw prPulY ]

saa Dh kai sang sa daa parfulai.

In the Company of the Holy, one flourishes forever.

swD kY sMig Awvih bis pMcw ]

saa Dh kai sang aavahi bas panchaa.

In the Company of the Holy, the five passions are brought to rest.

swDsMig AMimRq rsu BuMcw ]

saa Dhsang amri t ras bhunchaa.

In the Company of the Holy, one enjoys the essence of ambrosia.

swDsMig hoie sB kI ryn ]

saa Dhsang ho-ay sa bh kee rayn.

In the Company of the Holy, one becomes the dust of all.

swD kY sMig mnohr bYn ]

saa Dh kai sang manohar bain.

In the Company of the Holy, one's speech is enticing.

swD kY sMig n kqhUM DwvY ]

saa Dh kai sang na ka tahoo N Dhaavai.

In the Company of the Holy, the mind does not wander.

swDsMig AsiQiq mnu pwvY ]

saa Dhsang asthi t man paavai.

In the Company of the Holy, the mind becomes stable.

swD kY sMig mwieAw qy iBMn ]

saa Dh kai sang maa-i-aa tay bhinn.

In the Company of the Holy, one is rid of Maya.

swDsMig nwnk pRB supRsMn ]2]

saa Dhsang naanak para bh suparsan. ||2||

In the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, God is totally pleased. ||2||

swDsMig dusmn siB mIq ]

saa Dhsang dusman sa bh mee t.

In the Company of the Holy, all one's enemies become friends.

swDU kY sMig mhw punIq ]

saa Dhoo kai sang mahaa punee t.

In the Company of the Holy, there is great purity.

swDsMig iks isau nhI bYru ]

saa Dhsang kis si-o nahee bair.

In the Company of the Holy, no one is hated.

swD kY sMig n bIgw pYru ]

saa Dh kai sang na beegaa pair.

In the Company of the Holy, one's feet do not wander.

swD kY sMig nwhI ko mMdw ]

saa Dh kai sang naahee ko man daa.

In the Company of the Holy, no one seems evil.

swDsMig jwny prmwnµdw ]

saa Dhsang jaanay parmaanan daa.

In the Company of the Holy, supreme bliss is known.

swD kY sMig nwhI hau qwpu ]

saa Dh kai sang naahee ha-o taap.

In the Company of the Holy, the fever of ego departs.

swD kY sMig qjY sBu Awpu ]

saa Dh kai sang tajai sa bh aap.

In the Company of the Holy, one renounces all selfishness.

Awpy jwnY swD bfweI ]

aapay jaanai saa Dh badaa-ee.

He Himself knows the greatness of the Holy.

nwnk swD pRBU bin AweI ]3]

naanak saa Dh para bhoo ban aa-ee. ||3||

O Nanak, the Holy are at one with God. ||3||

swD kY sMig n kbhU DwvY ]

saa Dh kai sang na kabhoo Dhaavai.

In the Company of the Holy, the mind never wanders.

swD kY sMig sdw suKu pwvY ]

saa Dh kai sang sa daa su kh paavai.

In the Company of the Holy, one obtains everlasting peace.

swDsMig bsqu Agocr lhY ]

saa Dhsang basa t agochar lahai.

In the Company of the Holy, one grasps the Incomprehensible.

swDU kY sMig Ajru shY ]

saa Dhoo kai sang ajar sahai.

In the Company of the Holy, one can endure the unendurable.

swD kY sMig bsY Qwin aUcY ]

saa Dh kai sang basai thaan oochai.

In the Company of the Holy, one abides in the loftiest place.

swDU kY sMig mhil phUcY ]

saa Dhoo kai sang mahal pahoochai.

In the Company of the Holy, one attains the Mansion of the Lord's Presence.

swD kY sMig idRVY siB Drm ]

saa Dh kai sang dari rhai sa bh Dharam.

In the Company of the Holy, one's Dharmic faith is firmly established.

swD kY sMig kyvl pwrbRhm ]

saa Dh kai sang kayval paarbarahm.

In the Company of the Holy, one dwells with the Supreme Lord God.

swD kY sMig pwey nwm inDwn ]

saa Dh kai sang paa-ay naam ni Dhaan.

In the Company of the Holy, one obtains the treasure of the Naam.

nwnk swDU kY kurbwn ]4]

naanak saa Dhoo kai kurbaan. ||4||

O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Holy. ||4||

swD kY sMig sB kul auDwrY ]

saa Dh kai sang sa bh kul u Dhaarai.

In the Company of the Holy, all one's family is saved.

swDsMig swjn mIq kutMb insqwrY ]

saa Dhsang saajan mee t kutamb nis taarai.

In the Company of the Holy, one's friends, acquaintances and relatives are redeemed.

swDU kY sMig so Dnu pwvY ]

saa Dhoo kai sang so Dhan paavai.

In the Company of the Holy, that wealth is obtained.

ijsu Dn qy sBu ko vrswvY ]

jis Dhan tay sa bh ko varsaavai.

Everyone benefits from that wealth.

swDsMig Drm rwie kry syvw ]

saa Dhsang Dharam raa-ay karay sayvaa.

In the Company of the Holy, the Lord of Dharma serves.

swD kY sMig soBw surdyvw ]

saa Dh kai sang so bhaa sur dayvaa.

In the Company of the Holy, the divine, angelic beings sing God's Praises.

swDU kY sMig pwp plwien ]

saa Dhoo kai sang paap palaa-in.

In the Company of the Holy, one's sins fly away.

swDsMig AMimRq gun gwien ]

saa Dhsang amri t gun gaa-in.

In the Company of the Holy, one sings the Ambrosial Glories.

swD kY sMig sRb Qwn gMim ]

saa Dh kai sang sarab thaan gamm.

In the Company of the Holy, all places are within reach.

nwnk swD kY sMig sPl jnµm ]5]

naanak saa Dh kai sang safal jannam. ||5||

O Nanak, in the Company of the Holy, one's life becomes fruitful. ||5||

swD kY sMig nhI kCu Gwl ]

saa Dh kai sang nahee ka chh ghaal.

In the Company of the Holy, there is no suffering.

drsnu Bytq hoq inhwl ]

darsan bhayta t ho t nihaal.

The Blessed Vision of their Darshan brings a sublime, happy peace.

swD kY sMig klUKq hrY ]

saa Dh kai sang kaloo kha t harai.

In the Company of the Holy, blemishes are removed.

swD kY sMig nrk prhrY ]

saa Dh kai sang narak parharai.

In the Company of the Holy, hell is far away.

swD kY sMig eIhw aUhw suhylw ]

saa Dh kai sang eehaa oohaa suhaylaa.

In the Company of the Holy, one is happy here and hereafter.

swDsMig ibCurq hir mylw ]

saa Dhsang bi chhura t har maylaa.

In the Company of the Holy, the separated ones are reunited with the Lord.

jo ieCY soeI Plu pwvY ]

jo i chhai so-ee fal paavai.

The fruits of one's desires are obtained.

swD kY sMig n ibrQw jwvY ]

saa Dh kai sang na birthaa jaavai.

In the Company of the Holy, no one goes empty-handed.

pwrbRhmu swD ird bsY ]

paarbarahm saa Dh ri d basai.

The Supreme Lord God dwells in the hearts of the Holy.

nwnk auDrY swD suin rsY ]6]

naanak u Dhrai saa Dh sun rasai. ||6||

O Nanak, listening to the sweet words of the Holy, one is saved. ||6||

swD kY sMig sunau hir nwau ]

saa Dh kai sang sun-o har naa-o.

In the Company of the Holy, listen to the Name of the Lord.

swDsMig hir ky gun gwau ]

saa Dhsang har kay gun gaa-o.

In the Company of the Holy, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

swD kY sMig n mn qy ibsrY ]

saa Dh kai sang na man tay bisrai.

In the Company of the Holy, do not forget Him from your mind.

swDsMig srpr insqrY ]

saa Dhsang sarpar nis tarai.

In the Company of the Holy, you shall surely be saved.

swD kY sMig lgY pRBu mITw ]

saa Dh kai sang lagai para bh mee thaa.

In the Company of the Holy, God seems very sweet.

swDU kY sMig Git Git fITw ]

saa Dhoo kai sang ghat ghat dee thaa.

In the Company of the Holy, He is seen in each and every heart.

swDsMig Bey AwigAwkwrI ]

saa Dhsang bha-ay aagi-aakaaree.

In the Company of the Holy, we become obedient to the Lord.

swDsMig giq BeI hmwrI ]

saa Dhsang ga t bha-ee hamaaree.

In the Company of the Holy, we obtain the state of salvation.

swD kY sMig imty siB rog ]

saa Dh kai sang mitay sa bh rog.

In the Company of the Holy, all diseases are cured.

nwnk swD Byty sMjog ]7]

naanak saa Dh bhaytay sanjog. ||7||

O Nanak, one meets with the Holy, by highest destiny. ||7||

swD kI mihmw byd n jwnih ]

saa Dh kee mahimaa bay d na jaaneh.

The glory of the Holy people is not known to the Vedas.

jyqw sunih qyqw biKAwnih ]

jay taa suneh tay taa ba khi-aaneh.

They can describe only what they have heard.

swD kI aupmw iqhu gux qy dUir ]

saa Dh kee upmaa tihu gu n tay door.

The greatness of the Holy people is beyond the three qualities.

swD kI aupmw rhI BrpUir ]

saa Dh kee upmaa rahee bharpoor.

The greatness of the Holy people is all-pervading.

swD kI soBw kw nwhI AMq ]

saa Dh kee so bhaa kaa naahee an t.

The glory of the Holy people has no limit.

swD kI soBw sdw byAMq ]

saa Dh kee so bhaa sa daa bay-an t.

The glory of the Holy people is infinite and eternal.

swD kI soBw aUc qy aUcI ]

saa Dh kee so bhaa ooch tay oochee.

The glory of the Holy people is the highest of the high.

swD kI soBw mUc qy mUcI ]

saa Dh kee so bhaa mooch tay moochee.

The glory of the Holy people is the greatest of the great.

swD kI soBw swD bin AweI ]

saa Dh kee so bhaa saa Dh ban aa-ee.

The glory of the Holy people is theirs alone;

nwnk swD pRB Bydu n BweI ]8]7]

naanak saa Dh para bh bhay d na bhaa-ee. ||8||7||

O Nanak, there is no difference between the Holy people and God. ||8||7||

sloku ]



min swcw muiK swcw soie ]

man saachaa mu kh saachaa so-ay.

The True One is on his mind, and the True One is upon his lips.

Avru n pyKY eyksu ibnu koie ]

avar na pay khai aykas bin ko-ay.

He sees only the One.

nwnk ieh lCx bRhm igAwnI hoie ]1]

naanak ih la chha n barahm gi-aanee ho-ay. ||1||

O Nanak, these are the qualities of the God-conscious being. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


bRhm igAwnI sdw inrlyp ]

barahm gi-aanee sa daa nirlayp.

The God-conscious being is always unattached,

jYsy jl mih kml Alyp ]

jaisay jal meh kamal alayp.

as the lotus in the water remains detached.

bRhm igAwnI sdw inrdoK ]

barahm gi-aanee sa daa nir do kh.

The God-conscious being is always unstained,

jYsy sUru srb kau soK ]

jaisay soor sarab ka-o so kh.

like the sun, which gives its comfort and warmth to all.

bRhm igAwnI kY idRsit smwin ]

barahm gi-aanee kai darisat samaan.

The God-conscious being looks upon all alike,

jYsy rwj rMk kau lwgY quil pvwn ]

jaisay raaj rank ka-o laagai tul pavaan.

like the wind, which blows equally upon the king and the poor beggar.

bRhm igAwnI kY DIrju eyk ]

barahm gi-aanee kai Dheeraj ayk.

The God-conscious being has a steady patience,

ijau bsuDw koaU KodY koaU cMdn lyp ]

ji-o basu Dhaa ko-oo kho dai ko-oo chan dan layp.

like the earth, which is dug up by one, and anointed with sandal paste by another.

bRhm igAwnI kw iehY gunwau ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa ihai gunaa-o.

This is the quality of the God-conscious being:

nwnk ijau pwvk kw shj suBwau ]1]

naanak ji-o paavak kaa sahj su bhaa-o. ||1||

O Nanak, his inherent nature is like a warming fire. ||1||

bRhm igAwnI inrml qy inrmlw ]

barahm gi-aanee nirmal tay nirmalaa.

The God-conscious being is the purest of the pure;

jYsy mYlu n lwgY jlw ]

jaisay mail na laagai jalaa.

filth does not stick to water.

bRhm igAwnI kY min hoie pRgwsu ]

barahm gi-aanee kai man ho-ay pargaas.

The God-conscious being's mind is enlightened,

jYsy Dr aUpir Awkwsu ]

jaisay Dhar oopar aakaas.

like the sky above the earth.

bRhm igAwnI kY imqR sqRü smwin ]

barahm gi-aanee kai mi tar sa tar samaan.

To the God-conscious being, friend and foe are the same.

bRhm igAwnI kY nwhI AiBmwn ]

barahm gi-aanee kai naahee a bhimaan.

The God-conscious being has no egotistical pride.

bRhm igAwnI aUc qy aUcw ]

barahm gi-aanee ooch tay oochaa.

The God-conscious being is the highest of the high.

min ApnY hY sB qy nIcw ]

man apnai hai sa bh tay neechaa.

Within his own mind, he is the most humble of all.

bRhm igAwnI sy jn Bey ]

barahm gi-aanee say jan bha-ay.

They alone become God-conscious beings,

nwnk ijn pRBu Awip kryie ]2]

naanak jin para bh aap karay-i. ||2||

O Nanak, whom God Himself makes so. ||2||

bRhm igAwnI sgl kI rInw ]

barahm gi-aanee sagal kee reenaa.

The God-conscious being is the dust of all.

Awqm rsu bRhm igAwnI cInw ]

aa tam ras barahm gi-aanee cheenaa.

The God-conscious being knows the nature of the soul.

bRhm igAwnI kI sB aUpir mieAw ]

barahm gi-aanee kee sa bh oopar ma-i-aa.

The God-conscious being shows kindness to all.

bRhm igAwnI qy kCu burw n BieAw ]

barahm gi-aanee tay ka chh buraa na bha-i-aa.

No evil comes from the God-conscious being.

bRhm igAwnI sdw smdrsI ]

barahm gi-aanee sa daa sama drasee.

The God-conscious being is always impartial.

bRhm igAwnI kI idRsit AMimRqu brsI ]

barahm gi-aanee kee darisat amri t barsee.

Nectar rains down from the glance of the God-conscious being.

bRhm igAwnI bMDn qy mukqw ]

barahm gi-aanee ban Dhan tay muk taa.

The God-conscious being is free from entanglements.

bRhm igAwnI kI inrml jugqw ]

barahm gi-aanee kee nirmal jug taa.

The lifestyle of the God-conscious being is spotlessly pure.

bRhm igAwnI kw Bojnu igAwn ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa bhojan gi-aan.

Spiritual wisdom is the food of the God-conscious being.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI kw bRhm iDAwnu ]3]

naanak barahm gi-aanee kaa barahm Dhi-aan. ||3||

O Nanak, the God-conscious being is absorbed in God's meditation. ||3||

bRhm igAwnI eyk aUpir Aws ]

barahm gi-aanee ayk oopar aas.

The God-conscious being centers his hopes on the One alone.

bRhm igAwnI kw nhI ibnws ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa nahee binaas.

The God-conscious being shall never perish.

bRhm igAwnI kY grIbI smwhw ]

barahm gi-aanee kai gareebee samaahaa.

The God-conscious being is steeped in humility.

bRhm igAwnI praupkwr aumwhw ]

barahm gi-aanee par-upkaar omaahaa.

The God-conscious being delights in doing good to others.

bRhm igAwnI kY nwhI DMDw ]

barahm gi-aanee kai naahee Dhan Dhaa.

The God-conscious being has no worldly entanglements.

bRhm igAwnI ly Dwvqu bMDw ]

barahm gi-aanee lay Dhaava t ban Dhaa.

The God-conscious being holds his wandering mind under control.

bRhm igAwnI kY hoie su Blw ]

barahm gi-aanee kai ho-ay so bhalaa.

The God-conscious being acts in the common good.

bRhm igAwnI suPl Plw ]

barahm gi-aanee sufal falaa.

The God-conscious being blossoms in fruitfulness.

bRhm igAwnI sMig sgl auDwru ]

barahm gi-aanee sang sagal u Dhaar.

In the Company of the God-conscious being, all are saved.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI jpY sgl sMswru ]4]

naanak barahm gi-aanee japai sagal sansaar. ||4||

O Nanak, through the God-conscious being, the whole world meditates on God. ||4||

bRhm igAwnI kY eykY rMg ]

barahm gi-aanee kai aykai rang.

The God-conscious being loves the One Lord alone.

bRhm igAwnI kY bsY pRBu sMg ]

barahm gi-aanee kai basai para bh sang.

The God-conscious being dwells with God.

bRhm igAwnI kY nwmu AwDwru ]

barahm gi-aanee kai naam aa Dhaar.

The God-conscious being takes the Naam as his Support.

bRhm igAwnI kY nwmu prvwru ]

barahm gi-aanee kai naam parvaar.

The God-conscious being has the Naam as his Family.

bRhm igAwnI sdw sd jwgq ]

barahm gi-aanee sa daa sa d jaaga t.

The God-conscious being is awake and aware, forever and ever.

bRhm igAwnI AhMbuiD iqAwgq ]

barahm gi-aanee aha N-bu Dh ti-aaga t.

The God-conscious being renounces his proud ego.

bRhm igAwnI kY min prmwnµd ]

barahm gi-aanee kai man parmaanan d.

In the mind of the God-conscious being, there is supreme bliss.

bRhm igAwnI kY Gir sdw Anµd ]

barahm gi-aanee kai ghar sa daa anand.

In the home of the God-conscious being, there is everlasting bliss.

bRhm igAwnI suK shj invws ]

barahm gi-aanee su kh sahj nivaas.

The God-conscious being dwells in peaceful ease.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI kw nhI ibnws ]5]

naanak barahm gi-aanee kaa nahee binaas. ||5||

O Nanak, the God-conscious being shall never perish. ||5||

bRhm igAwnI bRhm kw byqw ]

barahm gi-aanee barahm kaa bay taa.

The God-conscious being knows God.

bRhm igAwnI eyk sMig hyqw ]

barahm gi-aanee ayk sang hay taa.

The God-conscious being is in love with the One alone.

bRhm igAwnI kY hoie AicMq ]

barahm gi-aanee kai ho-ay achin t.

The God-conscious being is carefree.

bRhm igAwnI kw inrml mMq ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa nirmal man t.

Pure are the Teachings of the God-conscious being.

bRhm igAwnI ijsu krY pRBu Awip ]

barahm gi-aanee jis karai para bh aap.

The God-conscious being is made so by God Himself.

bRhm igAwnI kw bf prqwp ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa bad par taap.

The God-conscious being is gloriously great.

bRhm igAwnI kw drsu bfBwgI pweIAY ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa daras bad bhaagee paa-ee-ai.

The Darshan, the Blessed Vision of the God-conscious being, is obtained by great good fortune.

bRhm igAwnI kau bil bil jweIAY ]

barahm gi-aanee ka-o bal bal jaa-ee-ai.

To the God-conscious being, I make my life a sacrifice.

bRhm igAwnI kau Kojih mhysur ]

barahm gi-aanee ka-o khojeh mahaysur.

The God-conscious being is sought by the great god Shiva.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI Awip prmysur ]6]

naanak barahm gi-aanee aap parmaysur. ||6||

O Nanak, the God-conscious being is Himself the Supreme Lord God. ||6||

bRhm igAwnI kI kImiq nwih ]

barahm gi-aanee kee keema t naahi.

The God-conscious being cannot be appraised.

bRhm igAwnI kY sgl mn mwih ]

barahm gi-aanee kai sagal man maahi.

The God-conscious being has all within his mind.

bRhm igAwnI kw kaun jwnY Bydu ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa ka-un jaanai bhay d.

Who can know the mystery of the God-conscious being?

bRhm igAwnI kau sdw Adysu ]

barahm gi-aanee ka-o sa daa a days.

Forever bow to the God-conscious being.

bRhm igAwnI kw kiQAw n jwie ADwK´ru ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa kathi-aa na jaa-ay a Dhaa kh-yar.

The God-conscious being cannot be described in words.

bRhm igAwnI srb kw Twkuru ]

barahm gi-aanee sarab kaa thaakur.

The God-conscious being is the Lord and Master of all.

bRhm igAwnI kI imiq kaunu bKwnY ]

barahm gi-aanee kee mi t ka-un ba khaanai.

Who can describe the limits of the God-conscious being?

bRhm igAwnI kI giq bRhm igAwnI jwnY ]

barahm gi-aanee kee ga t barahm gi-aanee jaanai.

Only the God-conscious being can know the state of the God-conscious being.

bRhm igAwnI kw AMqu n pwru ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa an t na paar.

The God-conscious being has no end or limitation.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI kau sdw nmskwru ]7]

naanak barahm gi-aanee ka-o sa daa namaskaar. ||7||

O Nanak, to the God-conscious being, bow forever in reverence. ||7||

bRhm igAwnI sB isRsit kw krqw ]

barahm gi-aanee sa bh sarisat kaa kar taa.

The God-conscious being is the Creator of all the world.

bRhm igAwnI sd jIvY nhI mrqw ]

barahm gi-aanee sa d jeevai nahee mar taa.

The God-conscious being lives forever, and does not die.

bRhm igAwnI mukiq jugiq jIA kw dwqw ]

barahm gi-aanee muka t juga t jee-a kaa daa taa.

The God-conscious being is the Giver of the way of liberation of the soul.

bRhm igAwnI pUrn purKu ibDwqw ]

barahm gi-aanee pooran pura kh bi Dhaa taa.

The God-conscious being is the Perfect Supreme Being, who orchestrates all.

bRhm igAwnI AnwQ kw nwQu ]

barahm gi-aanee anaath kaa naath.

The God-conscious being is the helper of the helpless.

bRhm igAwnI kw sB aUpir hwQu ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa sa bh oopar haath.

The God-conscious being extends his hand to all.

bRhm igAwnI kw sglAkwru ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa sagal akaar.

The God-conscious being owns the entire creation.

bRhm igAwnI Awip inrMkwru ]

barahm gi-aanee aap nirankaar.

The God-conscious being is himself the Formless Lord.

bRhm igAwnI kI soBw bRhm igAwnI bnI ]

barahm gi-aanee kee so bhaa barahm gi-aanee banee.

The glory of the God-conscious being belongs to the God-conscious being alone.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI srb kw DnI ]8]8]

naanak barahm gi-aanee sarab kaa Dhanee. ||8||8||

O Nanak, the God-conscious being is the Lord of all. ||8||8||

sloku ]



auir DwrY jo AMqir nwmu ]

ur Dhaarai jo an tar naam.

One who enshrines the Naam within the heart,

srb mY pyKY Bgvwnu ]

sarab mai pay khai bhagvaan.

who sees the Lord God in all,

inmK inmK Twkur nmskwrY ]

nima kh nima kh thaakur namaskaarai.

who, each and every moment, bows in reverence to the Lord Master

nwnk Ehu Aprsu sgl insqwrY ]1]

naanak oh apras sagal nis taarai. ||1||

- O Nanak, such a one is the true 'touch-nothing Saint', who emancipates everyone. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


imiQAw nwhI rsnw prs ]

mithi-aa naahee rasnaa paras.

One whose tongue does not touch falsehood;

mn mih pRIiq inrMjn drs ]

man meh paree t niranjan daras.

whose mind is filled with love for the Blessed Vision of the Pure Lord,

pr iqRA rUpu n pyKY nyqR ]

par tari-a roop na pay khai nay tar.

whose eyes do not gaze upon the beauty of others' wives,

swD kI thl sMqsMig hyq ]

saa Dh kee tahal sa tsang hay t.

who serves the Holy and loves the Saints' Congregation,

krn n sunY kwhU kI inMdw ]

karan na sunai kaahoo kee nin daa.

whose ears do not listen to slander against anyone,

sB qy jwnY Awps kau mMdw ]

sa bh tay jaanai aapas ka-o man daa.

who deems himself to be the worst of all,

gur pRswid ibiKAw prhrY ]

gur parsaa d bi khi-aa parharai.

who, by Guru's Grace, renounces corruption,

mn kI bwsnw mn qy trY ]

man kee baasnaa man tay tarai.

who banishes the mind's evil desires from his mind,

ieMdRI ijq pMc doK qy rhq ]

in dree ji t panch do kh tay raha t.

who conquers his sexual instincts and is free of the five sinful passions

nwnk koit mDy ko AYsw Aprs ]1]

naanak kot ma Dhay ko aisaa apras. ||1||

- O Nanak, among millions, there is scarcely one such 'touch-nothing Saint'. ||1||

bYsno so ijsu aUpir supRsMn ]

baisno so jis oopar suparsan.

The true Vaishnaav, the devotee of Vishnu, is the one with whom God is thoroughly pleased.

ibsn kI mwieAw qy hoie iBMn ]

bisan kee maa-i-aa tay ho-ay bhinn.

He dwells apart from Maya.

krm krq hovY inhkrm ]

karam kara t hovai nihkaram.

Performing good deeds, he does not seek rewards.

iqsu bYsno kw inrml Drm ]

tis baisno kaa nirmal Dharam.

Spotlessly pure is the religion of such a Vaishnaav;

kwhU Pl kI ieCw nhI bwCY ]

kaahoo fal kee i chhaa nahee baa chhai.

he has no desire for the fruits of his labors.

kyvl Bgiq kIrqn sMig rwcY ]

kayval bhaga t keer tan sang raachai.

He is absorbed in devotional worship and the singing of Kirtan, the songs of the Lord's Glory.

mn qn AMqir ismrn gopwl ]

man tan an tar simran gopaal.

Within his mind and body, he meditates in remembrance on the Lord of the Universe.

sB aUpir hovq ikrpwl ]

sa bh oopar hova t kirpaal.

He is kind to all creatures.

Awip idRVY Avrh nwmu jpwvY ]

aap dari rhai avrah naam japaavai.

He holds fast to the Naam, and inspires others to chant it.

nwnk Ehu bYsno prm giq pwvY ]2]

naanak oh baisno param ga t paavai. ||2||

O Nanak, such a Vaishnaav obtains the supreme status. ||2||

BgauqI BgvMq Bgiq kw rMgu ]

bhag-u tee bhagvan t bhaga t kaa rang.

The true Bhagaautee, the devotee of Adi Shakti, loves the devotional worship of God.

sgl iqAwgY dust kw sMgu ]

sagal ti-aagai dusat kaa sang.

He forsakes the company of all wicked people.

mn qy ibnsY sglw Brmu ]

man tay binsai saglaa bharam.

All doubts are removed from his mind.

kir pUjY sgl pwrbRhmu ]

kar poojai sagal paarbarahm.

He performs devotional service to the Supreme Lord God in all.

swDsMig pwpw mlu KovY ]

saa Dhsang paapaa mal khovai.

In the Company of the Holy, the filth of sin is washed away.

iqsu BgauqI kI miq aUqm hovY ]

tis bhag-u tee kee ma t oo tam hovai.

The wisdom of such a Bhagaautee becomes supreme.

BgvMq kI thl krY inq nIiq ]

bhagvan t kee tahal karai ni t nee t.

He constantly performs the service of the Supreme Lord God.

mnu qnu ArpY ibsn prIiq ]

man tan arpai bisan paree t.

He dedicates his mind and body to the Love of God.

hir ky crn ihrdY bswvY ]

har kay charan hir dai basaavai.

The Lotus Feet of the Lord abide in his heart.

nwnk AYsw BgauqI BgvMq kau pwvY ]3]

naanak aisaa bhag-u tee bhagvan t ka-o paavai. ||3||

O Nanak, such a Bhagaautee attains the Lord God. ||3||

so pMifqu jo mnu prboDY ]

so pandi t jo man parbo Dhai.

He is a true Pandit, a religious scholar, who instructs his own mind.

rwm nwmu Awqm mih soDY ]

raam naam aa tam meh so Dhai.

He searches for the Lord's Name within his own soul.

rwm nwm swru rsu pIvY ]

raam naam saar ras peevai.

He drinks in the Exquisite Nectar of the Lord's Name.

ausu pMifq kY aupdyis jgu jIvY ]

us pandi t kai up days jag jeevai.

By that Pandit's teachings, the world lives.

hir kI kQw ihrdY bswvY ]

har kee kathaa hir dai basaavai.

He implants the Sermon of the Lord in his heart.

so pMifqu iPir join n AwvY ]

so pandi t fir jon na aavai.

Such a Pandit is not cast into the womb of reincarnation again.

byd purwn isimRiq bUJY mUl ]

bay d puraan simri t boo jhai mool.

He understands the fundamental essence of the Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees.

sUKm mih jwnY AsQUlu ]

soo kham meh jaanai asthool.

In the unmanifest, he sees the manifest world to exist.

chu vrnw kau dy aupdysu ]

chahu varnaa ka-o day up days.

He gives instruction to people of all castes and social classes.

nwnk ausu pMifq kau sdw Adysu ]4]

naanak us pandi t ka-o sa daa a days. ||4||

O Nanak, to such a Pandit, I bow in salutation forever. ||4||

bIj mMqRü srb ko igAwnu ]

beej man tar sarab ko gi-aan.

The Beej Mantra, the Seed Mantra, is spiritual wisdom for everyone.

chu vrnw mih jpY koaU nwmu ]

chahu varnaa meh japai ko-oo naam.

Anyone, from any class, may chant the Naam.

jo jo jpY iqs kI giq hoie ]

jo jo japai tis kee ga t ho-ay.

Whoever chants it, is emancipated.

swDsMig pwvY jnu koie ]

saa Dhsang paavai jan ko-ay.

And yet, rare are those who attain it, in the Company of the Holy.

kir ikrpw AMqir aur DwrY ]

kar kirpaa an tar ur Dhaarai.

By His Grace, He enshrines it within.

psu pRyq muGd pwQr kau qwrY ]

pas paray t mu gha d paathar ka-o taarai.

Even beasts, ghosts and the stone-hearted are saved.

srb rog kw AauKdu nwmu ]

sarab rog kaa a-u kha d naam.

The Naam is the panacea, the remedy to cure all ills.

kilAwx rUp mMgl gux gwm ]

kali-aa n roop mangal gu n gaam.

Singing the Glory of God is the embodiment of bliss and emancipation.

kwhU jugiq ikqY n pweIAY Drim ]

kaahoo juga t ki tai na paa-ee-ai Dharam.

It cannot be obtained by any religious rituals.

nwnk iqsu imlY ijsu iliKAw Duir krim ]5]

naanak tis milai jis li khi-aa Dhur karam. ||5||

O Nanak, he alone obtains it, whose karma is so pre-ordained. ||5||

ijs kYmin pwrbRhm kw invwsu ]

jis kai man paarbarahm kaa nivaas.

One whose mind is a home for the Supreme Lord God

iqs kw nwmu siq rwmdwsu ]

tis kaa naam sa t raam daas.

- his name is truly Ram Das, the Lord's servant.

Awqm rwmu iqsu ndrI AwieAw ]

aa tam raam tis na dree aa-i-aa.

He comes to have the Vision of the Lord, the Supreme Soul.

dws dsMqx Bwie iqin pwieAw ]

daas dasan ta n bhaa-ay tin paa-i-aa.

Deeming himself to be the slave of the Lord's slaves, he obtains it.

sdw inkit inkit hir jwnu ]

sa daa nikat nikat har jaan.

He knows the Lord to be Ever-present, close at hand.

so dwsu drgh prvwnu ]

so daas dargeh parvaan.

Such a servant is honored in the Court of the Lord.

Apuny dws kau Awip ikrpw krY ]

apunay daas ka-o aap kirpaa karai.

To His servant, He Himself shows His Mercy.

iqsu dws kau sB soJI prY ]

tis daas ka-o sa bh so jhee parai.

Such a servant understands everything.

sgl sMig Awqm audwsu ]

sagal sang aa tam u daas.

Amidst all, his soul is unattached.

AYsI jugiq nwnk rwmdwsu ]6]

aisee juga t naanak raam daas. ||6||

Such is the way, O Nanak, of the Lord's servant. ||6||

pRB kI AwigAw Awqm ihqwvY ]

para bh kee aagi-aa aa tam hi taavai.

One who, in his soul, loves the Will of God,

jIvn mukiq soaU khwvY ]

jeevan muka t so-oo kahaavai.

is said to be Jivan Mukta - liberated while yet alive.

qYsw hrKu qYsw ausu sogu ]

taisaa hara kh taisaa us sog.

As is joy, so is sorrow to him.

sdw Anµdu qh nhI ibEgu ]

sa daa anand tah nahee bi-og.

He is in eternal bliss, and is not separated from God.

qYsw suvrnu qYsI ausu mwtI ]

taisaa suvran taisee us maatee.

As is gold, so is dust to him.

qYsw AMimRqu qYsI ibKu KwtI ]

taisaa amri t taisee bi kh khaatee.

As is ambrosial nectar, so is bitter poison to him.

qYsw mwnu qYsw AiBmwnu ]

taisaa maan taisaa a bhimaan.

As is honor, so is dishonor.

qYsw rMku qYsw rwjwnu ]

taisaa rank taisaa raajaan.

As is the beggar, so is the king.

jo vrqwey sweI jugiq ]

jo var taa-ay saa-ee juga t.

Whatever God ordains, that is his way.

nwnk Ehu purKu khIAY jIvn mukiq ]7]

naanak oh pura kh kahee-ai jeevan muka t. ||7||

O Nanak, that being is known as Jivan Mukta. ||7||

pwrbRhm ky sgly Twau ]

paarbarahm kay saglay thaa-o.

All places belong to the Supreme Lord God.

ijqu ijqu Gir rwKY qYsw iqn nwau ]

ji t ji t ghar raa khai taisaa tin naa-o.

According to the homes in which they are placed, so are His creatures named.

Awpy krn krwvn jogu ]

aapay karan karaavan jog.

He Himself is the Doer, the Cause of causes.

pRB BwvY soeI Puin hogu ]

para bh bhaavai so-ee fun hog.

Whatever pleases God, ultimately comes to pass.

psirE Awip hoie Anq qrMg ]

pasri-o aap ho-ay ana t tarang.

He Himself is All-pervading, in endless waves.

lKy n jwih pwrbRhm ky rMg ]

la khay na jaahi paarbarahm kay rang.

The playful sport of the Supreme Lord God cannot be known.

jYsI miq dyie qYsw prgws ]

jaisee ma t day-ay taisaa pargaas.

As the understanding is given, so is one enlightened.

pwrbRhmu krqw Aibnws ]

paarbarahm kar taa abinaas.

The Supreme Lord God, the Creator, is eternal and everlasting.

sdw sdw sdw dieAwl ]

sa daa sa daa sa daa da-i-aal.

Forever, forever and ever, He is merciful.

ismir ismir nwnk Bey inhwl ]8]9]

simar simar naanak bha-ay nihaal. ||8||9||

Remembering Him, remembering Him in meditation, O Nanak, one is blessed with ecstasy. ||8||9||

sloku ]



ausqiq krih Anyk jn AMqu n pwrwvwr ]

us ta t karahi anayk jan an t na paaraavaar.

Many people praise the Lord. He has no end or limitation.

nwnk rcnw pRiB rcI bhu ibiD Aink pRkwr ]1]

naanak rachnaa para bh rachee baho bi Dh anik parkaar. ||1||

O Nanak, God created the creation, with its many ways and various species. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


keI koit hoey pUjwrI ]

ka-ee kot ho-ay poojaaree.

Many millions are His devotees.

keI koit Awcwr ibauhwrI ]

ka-ee kot aachaar bi-uhaaree.

Many millions perform religious rituals and worldly duties.

keI koit Bey qIrQ vwsI ]

ka-ee kot bha-ay tirath vaasee.

Many millions become dwellers at sacred shrines of pilgrimage.

keI koit bn BRmih audwsI ]

ka-ee kot ban bharmeh u daasee.

Many millions wander as renunciates in the wilderness.

keI koit byd ky sRoqy ]

ka-ee kot bay d kay saro tay.

Many millions listen to the Vedas.

keI koit qpIsur hoqy ]

ka-ee kot tapeesur ho tay.

Many millions become austere penitents.

keI koit Awqm iDAwnu Dwrih ]

ka-ee kot aa tam Dhi-aan Dhaareh.

Many millions enshrine meditation within their souls.

keI koit kib kwib bIcwrih ]

ka-ee kot kab kaab beechaareh.

Many millions of poets contemplate Him through poetry.

keI koit nvqn nwm iDAwvih ]

ka-ee kot nav tan naam Dhi-aavahi.

Many millions meditate on His eternally new Naam.

nwnk krqy kw AMqu n pwvih ]1]

naanak kar tay kaa an t na paavahi. ||1||

O Nanak, none can find the limits of the Creator. ||1||

keI koit Bey AiBmwnI ]

ka-ee kot bha-ay a bhimaanee.

Many millions become self-centered.

keI koit AMD AigAwnI ]

ka-ee kot an Dh agi-aanee.

Many millions are blinded by ignorance.

keI koit ikrpn kTor ]

ka-ee kot kirpan ka thor.

Many millions are stone-hearted misers.

keI koit AiBg Awqm inkor ]

ka-ee kot a bhig aa tam nikor.

Many millions are heartless, with dry, withered souls.

keI koit pr drb kau ihrih ]

ka-ee kot par darab ka-o hireh.

Many millions steal the wealth of others.

keI koit pr dUKnw krih ]

ka-ee kot par doo khnaa karahi.

Many millions slander others.

keI koit mwieAw sRm mwih ]

ka-ee kot maa-i-aa saram maahi.

Many millions struggle in Maya.

keI koit prdys BRmwih ]

ka-ee kot par days bharmaahi.

Many millions wander in foreign lands.

ijqu ijqu lwvhu iqqu iqqu lgnw ]

ji t ji t laavhu ti t ti t lagnaa.

Whatever God attaches them to - with that they are engaged.

nwnk krqy kI jwnY krqw rcnw ]2]

naanak kar tay kee jaanai kar taa rachnaa. ||2||

O Nanak, the Creator alone knows the workings of His creation. ||2||

keI koit isD jqI jogI ]

ka-ee kot si Dh ja tee jogee.

Many millions are Siddhas, celibates and Yogis.

keI koit rwjy rs BogI ]

ka-ee kot raajay ras bhogee.

Many millions are kings, enjoying worldly pleasures.

keI koit pMKI srp aupwey ]

ka-ee kot pan khee sarap upaa-ay.

Many millions of birds and snakes have been created.

keI koit pwQr ibrK inpjwey ]

ka-ee kot paathar bira kh nipjaa-ay.

Many millions of stones and trees have been produced.

keI koit pvx pwxI bYsMqr ]

ka-ee kot pava n paa nee baisan tar.

Many millions are the winds, waters and fires.

keI koit dys BU mMfl ]

ka-ee kot days bhoo mandal.

Many millions are the countries and realms of the world.

keI koitssIAr sUr nK´qR ]

ka-ee kot sasee-ar soor na kh-ya tar.

Many millions are the moons, suns and stars.

keI koit dyv dwnv ieMdR isir CqR ]

ka-ee kot dayv daanav in dar sir chha tar.

Many millions are the demi-gods, demons and Indras, under their regal canopies.

sgl smgRI ApnY sUiq DwrY ]

sagal samagree apnai soo t Dhaarai.

He has strung the entire creation upon His thread.

nwnk ijsu ijsu BwvY iqsu iqsu insqwrY ]3]

naanak jis jis bhaavai tis tis nis taarai. ||3||

O Nanak, He emancipates those with whom He is pleased. ||3||

keI koit rwjs qwms swqk ]

ka-ee kot raajas taamas saa tak.

Many millions abide in heated activity, slothful darkness and peaceful light.

keI koit byd purwn isimRiq Aru swsq ]

ka-ee kot bay d puraan simri t ar saasa t.

Many millions are the Vedas, Puraanas, Simritees and Shaastras.

keI koit kIey rqn smud ]

ka-ee kot kee-ay ra tan samu d.

Many millions are the pearls of the oceans.

keI koit nwnw pRkwr jMq ]

ka-ee kot naanaa parkaar jan t.

Many millions are the beings of so many descriptions.

keI koit kIey icr jIvy ]

ka-ee kot kee-ay chir jeevay.

Many millions are made long-lived.

keI koit igrI myr suvrn QIvy ]

ka-ee kot giree mayr suvran theevay.

Many millions of hills and mountains have been made of gold.

keI koit jK´ ikMnr ipswc ]

ka-ee kot ja kh-y kinnar pisaach.

Many millions are the Yakhshas - the servants of the god of wealth, the Kinnars - the gods of celestial music, and the evil spirits of the Pisaach.

keI koit BUq pRyq sUkr imRgwc ]

ka-ee kot bhoo t paray t sookar marigaach.

Many millions are the evil nature-spirits, ghosts, pigs and tigers.

sB qy nyrY sBhU qy dUir ]

sa bh tay nayrai sa bhhoo tay door.

He is near to all, and yet far from all;

nwnk Awip Ailpqu rihAw BrpUir ]4]

naanak aap alipa t rahi-aa bharpoor. ||4||

O Nanak, He Himself remains distinct, while yet pervading all. ||4||

keI koit pwqwl ky vwsI ]

ka-ee kot paa taal kay vaasee.

Many millions inhabit the nether regions.

keI koit nrk surg invwsI ]

ka-ee kot narak surag nivaasee.

Many millions dwell in heaven and hell.

keI koit jnmih jIvih mrih ]

ka-ee kot janmeh jeeveh mareh.

Many millions are born, live and die.

keI koit bhu jonI iPrih ]

ka-ee kot baho jonee fireh.

Many millions are reincarnated, over and over again.

keI koit bYTq hI Kwih ]

ka-ee kot bai tha t hee khaahi.

Many millions eat while sitting at ease.

keI koit Gwlih Qik pwih ]

ka-ee kot ghaaleh thak paahi.

Many millions are exhausted by their labors.

keI koit kIey DnvMq ]

ka-ee kot kee-ay Dhanvan t.

Many millions are created wealthy.

keI koit mwieAw mih icMq ]

ka-ee kot maa-i-aa meh chin t.

Many millions are anxiously involved in Maya.

jh jh Bwxw qh qh rwKy ]

jah jah bhaa naa tah tah raa khay.

Wherever He wills, there He keeps us.

nwnk sBu ikCu pRB kY hwQy ]5]

naanak sa bh ki chh para bh kai haathay. ||5||

O Nanak, everything is in the Hands of God. ||5||

keI koit Bey bYrwgI ]

ka-ee kot bha-ay bairaagee.

Many millions become Bairaagees, who renounce the world.

rwm nwm sMig iqin ilv lwgI ]

raam naam sang tin liv laagee.

They have attached themselves to the Lord's Name.

keI koit pRB kau KojMqy ]

ka-ee kot para bh ka-o khojan tay.

Many millions are searching for God.

Awqm mih pwrbRhmu lhMqy ]

aa tam meh paarbarahm lahan tay.

Within their souls, they find the Supreme Lord God.

keI koit drsn pRB ipAws ]

ka-ee kot darsan para bh pi-aas.

Many millions thirst for the Blessing of God's Darshan.

iqn kau imilE pRBu Aibnws ]

tin ka-o mili-o para bh abinaas.

They meet with God, the Eternal.

keI koit mwgih sqsMgu ]

ka-ee kot maageh sa tsang.

Many millions pray for the Society of the Saints.

pwrbRhm iqn lwgw rMgu ]

paarbarahm tin laagaa rang.

They are imbued with the Love of the Supreme Lord God.

ijn kau hoey Awip supRsMn ]

jin ka-o ho-ay aap suparsan.

Those with whom He Himself is pleased,

nwnk qy jn sdw Din DMin ]6]

naanak tay jan sa daa Dhan Dhan. ||6||

O Nanak, are blessed, forever blessed. ||6||

keI koit KwxI Aru KMf ]

ka-ee kot khaa nee ar khand.

Many millions are the fields of creation and the galaxies.

keI koit Akws bRhmMf ]

ka-ee kot akaas barahmand.

Many millions are the etheric skies and the solar systems.

keI koit hoey Avqwr ]

ka-ee kot ho-ay av taar.

Many millions are the divine incarnations.

keI jugiq kIno ibsQwr ]

ka-ee juga t keeno bisthaar.

In so many ways, He has unfolded Himself.

keI bwr psirE pwswr ]

ka-ee baar pasri-o paasaar.

So many times, He has expanded His expansion.

sdw sdw ieku eykMkwr ]

sa daa sa daa ik aykankaar.

Forever and ever, He is the One, the One Universal Creator.

keI koit kIny bhu Bwiq ]

ka-ee kot keenay baho bhaa t.

Many millions are created in various forms.

pRB qy hoey pRB mwih smwiq ]

para bh tay ho-ay para bh maahi samaa t.

From God they emanate, and into God they merge once again.

qw kw AMqu n jwnY koie ]

taa kaa an t na jaanai ko-ay.

His limits are not known to anyone.

Awpy Awip nwnk pRBu soie ]7]

aapay aap naanak para bh so-ay. ||7||

Of Himself, and by Himself, O Nanak, God exists. ||7||

keI koit pwrbRhm ky dws ]

ka-ee kot paarbarahm kay daas.

Many millions are the servants of the Supreme Lord God.

iqn hovq Awqm prgws ]

tin hova t aa tam pargaas.

Their souls are enlightened.

keI koit qq ky byqy ]

ka-ee kot ta t kay bay tay.

Many millions know the essence of reality.

sdw inhwrih eyko nyqRy ]

sa daa nihaarahi ayko nay taray.

Their eyes gaze forever on the One alone.

keI koit nwm rsu pIvih ]

ka-ee kot naam ras peeveh.

Many millions drink in the essence of the Naam.

Amr Bey sd sd hI jIvih ]

amar bha-ay sa d sa d hee jeeveh.

They become immortal; they live forever and ever.

keI koit nwm gun gwvih ]

ka-ee kot naam gun gaavahi.

Many millions sing the Glorious Praises of the Naam.

Awqm ris suiK shij smwvih ]

aa tam ras su kh sahj samaaveh.

They are absorbed in intuitive peace and pleasure.

Apuny jn kau swis swis smwry ]

apunay jan ka-o saas saas samaaray.

He remembers His servants with each and every breath.

nwnk Eie prmysur ky ipAwry ]8]10]

naanak o-ay parmaysur kay pi-aaray. ||8||10||

O Nanak, they are the beloveds of the Transcendent Lord God. ||8||10||

sloku ]



krx kwrx pRBu eyku hY dUsr nwhI koie ]

kara n kaara n para bh ayk hai doosar naahee ko-ay.

God alone is the Doer of deeds - there is no other at all.

nwnk iqsu bilhwrxY jil Qil mhIAil soie ]1]

naanak tis balihaar nai jal thal mahee-al so-ay. ||1||

O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the One, who pervades the waters, the lands, the sky and all space. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


krn krwvn krnY jogu ]

karan karaavan karnai jog.

The Doer, the Cause of causes, is potent to do anything.

jo iqsu BwvY soeI hogu ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee hog.

That which pleases Him, comes to pass.

iKn mih Qwip auQwpnhwrw ]

khin meh thaap uthaapanhaaraa.

In an instant, He creates and destroys.

AMqu nhI ikCu pwrwvwrw ]

an t nahee ki chh paaraavaaraa.

He has no end or limitation.

hukmy Dwir ADr rhwvY ]

hukmay Dhaar a Dhar rahaavai.

By His Order, He established the earth, and He maintains it unsupported.

hukmy aupjY hukim smwvY ]

hukmay upjai hukam samaavai.

By His Order, the world was created; by His Order, it shall merge again into Him.

hukmy aUc nIc ibauhwr ]

hukmay ooch neech bi-uhaar.

By His Order, one's occupation is high or low.

hukmy Aink rMg prkwr ]

hukmay anik rang parkaar.

By His Order, there are so many colors and forms.

kir kir dyKY ApnI vifAweI ]

kar kar day khai apnee vadi-aa-ee.

Having created the Creation, He beholds His own greatness.

nwnk sB mih rihAw smweI ]1]

naanak sa bh meh rahi-aa samaa-ee. ||1||

O Nanak, He is pervading in all. ||1||

pRB BwvY mwnuK giq pwvY ]

para bh bhaavai maanu kh ga t paavai.

If it pleases God, one attains salvation.

pRB BwvY qw pwQr qrwvY ]

para bh bhaavai taa paathar taraavai.

If it pleases God, then even stones can swim.

pRB BwvY ibnu sws qy rwKY ]

para bh bhaavai bin saas tay raa khai.

If it pleases God, the body is preserved, even without the breath of life.

pRB BwvY qw hir gux BwKY ]

para bh bhaavai taa har gu n bhaa khai.

If it pleases God, then one chants the Lord's Glorious Praises.

pRB BwvY qw piqq auDwrY ]

para bh bhaavai taa pa ti t u Dhaarai.

If it pleases God, then even sinners are saved.

Awip krY Awpn bIcwrY ]

aap karai aapan beechaarai.

He Himself acts, and He Himself contemplates.

duhw isirAw kw Awip suAwmI ]

duhaa siri-aa kaa aap su-aamee.

He Himself is the Master of both worlds.

KylY ibgsY AMqrjwmI ]

khaylai bigsai an tarjaamee.

He plays and He enjoys; He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts.

jo BwvY so kwr krwvY ]

jo bhaavai so kaar karaavai.

As He wills, He causes actions to be done.

nwnk idRstI Avru n AwvY ]2]

naanak daristee avar na aavai. ||2||

Nanak sees no other than Him. ||2||

khu mwnuK qy ikAw hoie AwvY ]

kaho maanu kh tay ki-aa ho-ay aavai.

Tell me - what can a mere mortal do?

jo iqsu BwvY soeI krwvY ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee karaavai.

Whatever pleases God is what He causes us to do.

ies kY hwiQ hoie qw sBu ikCu lyie ]

is kai haath ho-ay taa sa bh ki chh lay-ay.

If it were in our hands, we would grab up everything.

jo iqsu BwvY soeI kryie ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee karay-i.

Whatever pleases God - that is what He does.

Anjwnq ibiKAw mih rcY ]

anjaana t bi khi-aa meh rachai.

Through ignorance, people are engrossed in corruption.

jy jwnq Awpn Awp bcY ]

jay jaana t aapan aap bachai.

If they knew better, they would save themselves.

Brmy BUlw dh idis DwvY ]

bharmay bhoolaa dah dis Dhaavai.

Deluded by doubt, they wander around in the ten directions.

inmK mwih cwir kuMt iPir AwvY ]

nima kh maahi chaar kunt fir aavai.

In an instant, their minds go around the four corners of the world and come back again.

kir ikrpw ijsu ApnI Bgiq dyie ]

kar kirpaa jis apnee bhaga t day-ay.

Those whom the Lord mercifully blesses with His devotional worship

nwnk qy jn nwim imlyie ]3]

naanak tay jan naam milay-ay. ||3||

- O Nanak, they are absorbed into the Naam. ||3||

iKn mih nIc kIt kau rwj ]

khin meh neech keet ka-o raaj.

In an instant, the lowly worm is transformed into a king.

pwrbRhm grIb invwj ]

paarbarahm gareeb nivaaj.

The Supreme Lord God is the Protector of the humble.

jw kw idRsit kCU n AwvY ]

jaa kaa darisat ka chhoo na aavai.

Even one who has never been seen at all,

iqsu qqkwl dh ids pRgtwvY ]

tis ta tkaal dah dis paragtaavai.

becomes instantly famous in the ten directions.

jw kau ApunI krY bKsIs ]

jaa ka-o apunee karai ba khsees.

And that one upon whom He bestows His blessings

qw kw lyKw n gnY jgdIs ]

taa kaa lay khaa na ganai jag dees.

- the Lord of the world does not hold him to his account.

jIau ipMfu sB iqs kI rwis ]

jee-o pind sa bh tis kee raas.

Soul and body are all His property.

Git Git pUrn bRhm pRgws ]

ghat ghat pooran barahm pargaas.

Each and every heart is illuminated by the Perfect Lord God.

ApnI bxq Awip bnweI ]

apnee ba na t aap banaa-ee.

He Himself fashioned His own handiwork.

nwnk jIvY dyiK bfweI ]4]

naanak jeevai day kh badaa-ee. ||4||

Nanak lives by beholding His greatness. ||4||

ies kw blu nwhI iesu hwQ ]

is kaa bal naahee is haath.

There is no power in the hands of mortal beings;

krn krwvn srb ko nwQ ]

karan karaavan sarab ko naath.

the Doer, the Cause of causes is the Lord of all.

AwigAwkwrI bpurw jIau ]

aagi-aakaaree bapuraa jee-o.

The helpless beings are subject to His Command.

jo iqsu BwvY soeI Puin QIau ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee fun thee-o.

That which pleases Him, ultimately comes to pass.

kbhU aUc nIc mih bsY ]

kabhoo ooch neech meh basai.

Sometimes, they abide in exaltation; sometimes, they are depressed.

kbhU sog hrK rMig hsY ]

kabhoo sog hara kh rang hasai.

Sometimes, they are sad, and sometimes they laugh with joy and delight.

kbhU inMd icMd ibauhwr ]

kabhoo nin d chin d bi-uhaar.

Sometimes, they are occupied with slander and anxiety.

kbhU aUB Akws pieAwl ]

kabhoo oo bh akaas pa-i-aal.

Sometimes, they are high in the Akaashic Ethers, sometimes in the nether regions of the underworld.

kbhU byqw bRhm bIcwr ]

kabhoo bay taa barahm beechaar.

Sometimes, they know the contemplation of God.

nwnk Awip imlwvxhwr ]5]

naanak aap milaava nhaar. ||5||

O Nanak, God Himself unites them with Himself. ||5||

kbhU inriq krY bhu Bwiq ]

kabhoo nira t karai baho bhaa t.

Sometimes, they dance in various ways.

kbhU soie rhY idnu rwiq ]

kabhoo so-ay rahai din raa t.

Sometimes, they remain asleep day and night.

kbhU mhw k®oD ibkrwl ]

kabhoo mahaa kro Dh bikraal.

Sometimes, they are awesome, in terrible rage.

kbhUM srb kI hoq rvwl ]

kabahoo N sarab kee ho t ravaal.

Sometimes, they are the dust of the feet of all.

kbhU hoie bhY bf rwjw ]

kabhoo ho-ay bahai bad raajaa.

Sometimes, they sit as great kings.

kbhu ByKwrI nIc kw swjw ]

kabahu bhay khaaree neech kaa saajaa.

Sometimes, they wear the coat of a lowly beggar.

kbhU ApkIriq mih AwvY ]

kabhoo apkeera t meh aavai.

Sometimes, they come to have evil reputations.

kbhU Blw Blw khwvY ]

kabhoo bhalaa bhalaa kahaavai.

Sometimes, they are known as very, very good.

ijau pRBu rwKY iqv hI rhY ]

ji-o para bh raa khai tiv hee rahai.

As God keeps them, so they remain.

gur pRswid nwnk scu khY ]6]

gur parsaa d naanak sach kahai. ||6||

By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, the Truth is told. ||6||

kbhU hoie pMifqu kry bK´wnu ]

kabhoo ho-ay pandi t karay ba kh-yaan.

Sometimes, as scholars, they deliver lectures.

kbhU moinDwrI lwvY iDAwnu ]

kabhoo moni Dhaaree laavai Dhi-aan.

Sometimes, they hold to silence in deep meditation.

kbhU qt qIrQ iesnwn ]

kabhoo tat tirath isnaan.

Sometimes, they take cleansing baths at places of pilgrimage.

kbhU isD swiDk muiK igAwn ]

kabhoo si Dh saa Dhik mu kh gi-aan.

Sometimes, as Siddhas or seekers, they impart spiritual wisdom.

kbhU kIt hsiq pqMg hoie jIAw ]

kabhoo keet hasa t pa tang ho-ay jee-aa.

Sometimes, they becomes worms, elephants, or moths.

Ainkjoin BrmY BrmIAw ]

anik jon bharmai bharmee-aa.

They may wander and roam through countless incarnations.

nwnw rUp ijau sÍwgI idKwvY ]

naanaa roop ji-o savaagee di khaavai.

In various costumes, like actors, they appear.

ijau pRB BwvY iqvY ncwvY ]

ji-o para bh bhaavai tivai nachaavai.

As it pleases God, they dance.

jo iqsu BwvY soeI hoie ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee ho-ay.

Whatever pleases Him, comes to pass.

nwnk dUjw Avru n koie ]7]

naanak doojaa avar na ko-ay. ||7||

O Nanak, there is no other at all. ||7||

kbhU swDsMgiq iehu pwvY ]

kabhoo saa Dhsanga t ih paavai.

Sometimes, this being attains the Company of the Holy.

ausu AsQwn qy bhuir n AwvY ]

us asthaan tay bahur na aavai.

From that place, he does not have to come back again.

AMqir hoie igAwn prgwsu ]

an tar ho-ay gi-aan pargaas.

The light of spiritual wisdom dawns within.

ausu AsQwn kw nhI ibnwsu ]

us asthaan kaa nahee binaas.

That place does not perish.

mn qn nwim rqy iek rMig ]

man tan naam ra tay ik rang.

The mind and body are imbued with the Love of the Naam, the Name of the One Lord.

sdw bsih pwrbRhm kY sMig ]

sa daa baseh paarbarahm kai sang.

He dwells forever with the Supreme Lord God.

ijau jl mih jlu Awie Ktwnw ]

ji-o jal meh jal aa-ay khataanaa.

As water comes to blend with water,

iqau joqI sMig joiq smwnw ]

ti-o jo tee sang jo t samaanaa.

his light blends into the Light.

imit gey gvn pwey ibsRwm ]

mit ga-ay gavan paa-ay bisraam.

Reincarnation is ended, and eternal peace is found.

nwnk pRB kY sd kurbwn ]8]11]

naanak para bh kai sa d kurbaan. ||8||11||

Nanak is forever a sacrifice to God. ||8||11||

sloku ]



suKI bsY mskInIAw Awpu invwir qly ]

su khee basai maskeenee-aa aap nivaar talay.

The humble beings abide in peace; subduing egotism, they are meek.

bfy bfy AhMkwrIAw nwnk grib gly ]1]

baday baday aha Nkaaree-aa naanak garab galay. ||1||

The very proud and arrogant persons, O Nanak, are consumed by their own pride. ||1||

AstpdI ]

asatpa dee.


ijs kY AMqir rwj AiBmwnu ]

jis kai an tar raaj a bhimaan.

One who has the pride of power within,

so nrkpwqI hovq suAwnu ]

so narakpaa tee hova t su-aan.

shall dwell in hell, and become a dog.

jo jwnY mY jobnvMqu ]

jo jaanai mai jobanvan t.

One who deems himself to have the beauty of youth,

so hovq ibstw kw jMqu ]

so hova t bistaa kaa jan t.

shall become a maggot in manure.

Awps kau krmvMqu khwvY ]

aapas ka-o karamvan t kahaavai.

One who claims to act virtuously,

jnim mrY bhu join BRmwvY ]

janam marai baho jon bharmaavai.

shall live and die, wandering through countless reincarnations.

Dn BUim kw jo krY gumwnu ]

Dhan bhoom kaa jo karai gumaan.

One who takes pride in wealth and lands

so mUrKu AMDw AigAwnu ]

so moora kh an Dhaa agi-aan.

is a fool, blind and ignorant.

kir ikrpw ijs kY ihrdY grIbI bswvY ]

kar kirpaa jis kai hir dai gareebee basaavai.

One whose heart is mercifully blessed with abiding humility,

nwnk eIhw mukqu AwgY suKu pwvY ]1]

naanak eehaa muka t aagai su kh paavai. ||1||

O Nanak, is liberated here, and obtains peace hereafter. ||1||

DnvMqw hoie kir grbwvY ]

Dhanvan taa ho-ay kar garbaavai.

One who becomes wealthy and takes pride in it

iqRx smwin kCu sMig n jwvY ]

tari n samaan ka chh sang na jaavai.

- not even a piece of straw shall go along with him.

bhu lskr mwnuK aUpir kry Aws ]

baho laskar maanu kh oopar karay aas.

He may place his hopes on a large army of men,

pl BIqir qw kw hoie ibnws ]

pal bhee tar taa kaa ho-ay binaas.

but he shall vanish in an instant.

sB qy Awp jwnY blvMqu ]

sa bh tay aap jaanai balvan t.

One who deems himself to be the strongest of all,

iKn mih hoie jwie BsmMqu ]

khin meh ho-ay jaa-ay bhasman t.

in an instant, shall be reduced to ashes.

iksY n bdY Awip AhMkwrI ]

kisai na ba dai aap aha Nkaaree.

One who thinks of no one else except his own prideful self

Drm rwie iqsu kry KuAwrI ]

Dharam raa-ay tis karay khu-aaree.

- the Righteous Judge of Dharma shall expose his disgrace.

gur pRswid jw kw imtY AiBmwnu ]

gur parsaa d jaa kaa mitai a bhimaan.

One who, by Guru's Grace, eliminates his ego,

so jnu nwnk drgh prvwnu ]2]

so jan naanak dargeh parvaan. ||2||

O Nanak, becomes acceptable in the Court of the Lord. ||2||

koit krm krY hau Dwry ]

kot karam karai ha-o Dhaaray.

If someone does millions of good deeds, while acting in ego,

sRmu pwvY sgly ibrQwry ]

saram paavai saglay birthaaray.

he shall incur only trouble; all this is in vain.

Aink qpisAw kry AhMkwr ]

anik tapasi-aa karay aha Nkaar.

If someone performs great penance, while acting in selfishness and conceit,

nrk surg iPir iPir Avqwr ]

narak surag fir fir av taar.

he shall be reincarnated into heaven and hell, over and over again.

Aink jqn kir Awqm nhI dRvY ]

anik ja tan kar aa tam nahee darvai.

He makes all sorts of efforts, but his soul is still not softened

hir drgh khu kYsy gvY ]

har dargeh kaho kaisay gavai.

- how can he go to the Court of the Lord?

Awps kau jo Blw khwvY ]

aapas ka-o jo bhalaa kahaavai.

One who calls himself good

iqsih BlweI inkit n AwvY ]

tiseh bhalaa-ee nikat na aavai.

- goodness shall not draw near him.

srb kI ryn jw kw mnu hoie ]

sarab kee rayn jaa kaa man ho-ay.

One whose mind is the dust of all

khu nwnk qw kI inrml soie ]3]

kaho naanak taa kee nirmal so-ay. ||3||

- says Nanak, his reputation is spotlessly pure. ||3||

jb lgu jwnY muJ qy kCu hoie ]

jab lag jaanai mu jh tay ka chh ho-ay.

As long as someone thinks that he is the one who acts,

qb ies kau suKu nwhI koie ]

tab is ka-o su kh naahee ko-ay.

he shall have no peace.

jb ieh jwnY mY ikCu krqw ]

jab ih jaanai mai ki chh kar taa.

As long as this mortal thinks that he is the one who does things,

qb lgu grB join mih iPrqw ]

tab lag gara bh jon meh fir taa.

he shall wander in reincarnation through the womb.

jb DwrY koaU bYrI mIqu ]

jab Dhaarai ko-oo bairee mee t.

As long as he considers one an enemy, and another a friend,

qb lgu inhclu nwhI cIqu ]

tab lag nihchal naahee chee t.

his mind shall not come to rest.

jb lgu moh mgn sMig mwie ]

jab lag moh magan sang maa-ay.

As long as he is intoxicated with attachment to Maya,

qb lgu Drm rwie dyie sjwie ]

tab lag Dharam raa-ay day-ay sajaa-ay.

the Righteous Judge shall punish him.

pRB ikrpw qy bMDn qUtY ]

para bh kirpaa tay ban Dhan tootai.

By God's Grace, his bonds are shattered;

gur pRswid nwnk hau CUtY ]4]

gur parsaa d naanak ha-o chhootai. ||4||

by Guru's Grace, O Nanak, his ego is eliminated. ||4||

shs KtylK kau auiT DwvY ]

sahas khatay la kh ka-o u th Dhaavai.

Earning a thousand, he runs after a hundred thousand.

iqRpiq n AwvY mwieAw pwCY pwvY ]

taripa t na aavai maa-i-aa paa chhai paavai.

Satisfaction is not obtained by chasing after Maya.

Aink Bog ibiKAw ky krY ]

anik bhog bi khi-aa kay karai.

He may enjoy all sorts of corrupt pleasures,

nh iqRpqwvY Kip Kip mrY ]

nah tarip taavai khap khap marai.

but he is still not satisfied; he indulges again and again, wearing himself out, until he dies.

ibnw sMqoK nhI koaU rwjY ]

binaa san to kh nahee ko-oo raajai.

Without contentment, no one is satisfied.

supn mnorQ ibRQy sB kwjY ]

supan manorath barithay sa bh kaajai.

Like the objects in a dream, all his efforts are in vain.

nwm rMig srb suKu hoie ]

naam rang sarab su kh ho-ay.

Through the love of the Naam, all peace is obtained.

bfBwgI iksY prwpiq hoie ]

bad bhaagee kisai paraapa t ho-ay.

Only a few obtain this, by great good fortune.

krn krwvn Awpy Awip ]

karan karaavan aapay aap.

He Himself is Himself the Cause of causes.

sdw sdw nwnk hir jwip ]5]

sa daa sa daa naanak har jaap. ||5||

Forever and ever, O Nanak, chant the Lord's Name. ||5||

krn krwvn krnYhwru ]

karan karaavan karnaihaar.

The Doer, the Cause of causes, is the Creator Lord.

ies kY hwiQ khw bIcwru ]

is kai haath kahaa beechaar.

What deliberations are in the hands of mortal beings?

jYsI idRsit kry qYsw hoie ]

jaisee darisat karay taisaa ho-ay.

As God casts His Glance of Grace, they come to be.

Awpy Awip Awip pRBu soie ]

aapay aap aap para bh so-ay.

God Himself, of Himself, is unto Himself.

jo ikCu kIno su ApnY rMig ]

jo ki chh keeno so apnai rang.

Whatever He created, was by His Own Pleasure.

sB qy dUir sBhU kY sMig ]

sa bh tay door sa bhhoo kai sang.

He is far from all, and yet with all.

bUJY dyKY krY ibbyk ]

boo jhai day khai karai bibayk.

He understands, He sees, and He passes judgment.

Awpih eyk Awpih Anyk ]

aapeh ayk aapeh anayk.

He Himself is the One, and He Himself is the many.

mrY n ibnsY AwvY n jwie ]

marai na binsai aavai na jaa-ay.

He does not die or perish; He does not come or go.

nwnk sd hI rihAw smwie ]6]

naanak sa d hee rahi-aa samaa-ay. ||6||

O Nanak, He remains forever All-pervading. ||6||

Awip aupdysY smJY Awip ]

aap up daysai sam jhai aap.

He Himself instructs, and He Himself learns.

Awpy ricAw sB kY swiQ ]

aapay rachi-aa sa bh kai saath.

He Himself mingles with all.

Awip kIno Awpn ibsQwru ]

aap keeno aapan bisthaar.

He Himself created His own expanse.

sBu kCu aus kw Ehu krnYhwru ]

sa bh ka chh us kaa oh karnaihaar.

All things are His; He is the Creator.

aus qy iBMn khhu ikCu hoie ]

us tay bhinn kahhu ki chh ho-ay.

Without Him, what could be done?

Qwn Qnµqir eykY soie ]

thaan thanan tar aykai so-ay.

In the spaces and interspaces, He is the One.

Apuny cilq Awip krxYhwr ]

apunay chali t aap kar naihaar.

In His own play, He Himself is the Actor.

kauqk krY rMg Awpwr ]

ka-u tak karai rang aapaar.

He produces His plays with infinite variety.

mn mih Awip mn Apuny mwih ]

man meh aap man apunay maahi.

He Himself is in the mind, and the mind is in Him.

nwnk kImiq khnu n jwie ]7]

naanak keema t kahan na jaa-ay. ||7||

O Nanak, His worth cannot be estimated. ||7||

siq siq siq pRBu suAwmI ]

sa t sa t sa t para bh su-aamee.

True, True, True is God, our Lord and Master.

gur prswid iknY viKAwnI ]

gur parsaa d kinai va khi-aanee.

By Guru's Grace, some speak of Him.

scu scu scu sBu kInw ]

sach sach sach sa bh keenaa.

True, True, True is the Creator of all.

koit mDy iknY ibrlY cInw ]

kot ma Dhay kinai birlai cheenaa.

Out of millions, scarcely anyone knows Him.

Blw Blw Blw qyrw rUp ]

bhalaa bhalaa bhalaa tayraa roop.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful is Your Sublime Form.

Aiq suMdr Apwr AnUp ]

a t sun dar apaar anoop.

You are Exquisitely Beautiful, Infinite and Incomparable.

inrml inrml inrml qyrI bwxI ]

nirmal nirmal nirmal tayree ba nee.

Pure, Pure, Pure is the Word of Your Bani,

Git Git sunI sRvn bK´wxI ]

ghat ghat sunee sarvan ba kh-yaa nee.

heard in each and every heart, spoken to the ears.

pivqR pivqR pivqR punIq ]

pavi tar pavi tar pavi tar punee t.

Holy, Holy, Holy and Sublimely Pure

nwmu jpY nwnk min pRIiq ]8]12]

naam japai naanak man pareet. ||8||12||

- chant the Naam, O Nanak, with heart-felt love. ||8||12||